Government’s COVID Hoax hangs by a thread as credibility evaporates


by Mike Lords

The British government’s offensive against its own people ran into deeper trouble today as its credibility continued to evaporate.

Trust in the government as a source of information is a key and indispensable component of any propaganda war. If the source putting out the propaganda becomes mistrusted, disbelieved or discredited, the propaganda war is lost.

The Johnson regime’s problems centre around its continued reliance upon the PCR test to produce stats that purport to show a “spread” of infection.

It was a bitter blow for the government’s psychological warfare operation when the PCR test became exposed a fraudulent. The setback arose from revelations of gross inaccuracy, its tendency to produce false positives by the thousand and – this was the utterly damning clincher – the government admitting on one of its own websites that the PCR test actually CANNOT detect a live infectious virus.

This renders all “positives” that relied on the PCR test invalid.

That in turn renders all diagnoses of a COVID19 “case” based on a PCR positive result fraudulent.

It is believed now that the number of “false cases” may number tens of thousands and may include the overwhelming majority of all alleged cases.

One observer has pointed out that, “if on a particular day the government reports, say, 500 new cases based on the results of PCR tests, the actual number of real cases is far less and could, theoretically, even be zero.”

This in turn means that the “infections” stat used as the justification for the damaging lockdowns such as the one that London has just been hit with are fabrications.

The PCR test is considered the most inaccurate of all the tests in use yet none of the others are particularly reliable : the PM and ministers have for instance all admitted that the test used at airports is only 7% accurate, which is still superior to the PCR test, although tossing a coin has been described as about seven tines more likely to return a correct diagnosis than the PCR test.

The writer and keen observer of government, Kieron McFadden said that,

“It is entirely possible, considering the results of a test so wildly misleading have been depended on as the primary tactic for convincing the nation that an epidemic is is progress, there may be no epidemic at all. A bug, yes, that causes severe problems for a small number of already frail people – as do many other bugs – but an epidemic? No. What is coming to light is a hoax of almost unimaginable duplicity and inflicted damage.”

Yet the government continues to use it and its false results to perpetuate one of the most transparent and destructive frauds in British history.

It is unclear at this time why the government does so and the government does not seem about to own up and come clean any time soon.

One theory is that it is reluctant to change because the PCR test has enabled it to manipulate the stats fir many months – or at least it did until the scam was exposed.

Meanwhile, the criminals operating under the cover of government continue to declare stringent and damaging lockdowns on the basis of the false tests, a further fraud involving massive costs to the nation and its citizens.

Again, the reasons for doing this are unclear except that the continued desperate portrayal of an epidemic is considered vital to enforcing dangerous vaccines on the populace.

That drive has itself run into trouble as many scientists and medical professionals have sounded the alarm over the dangers of injecting a large number of people with vaccines that have not been fully studied and tested both for safety and efficacy.

Should serious adverse reactions become apparent over the next months and years, many people involved in or collaborating with the drive to inject these substances into people may become liable to criminal charges involving humanitarian crimes.

In an effort to somehow keep its flawed show on the road, the government today invented the “discovery” of a new strain of the virus to “explain” the rise in its false infections stats.

One of the many problems the government is facing is that it needs “rising” infections to justify hitting areas and cities with more lockdowns and restrictions but those alleged rising infections – if believed – declare that previous measures involving lockdowns, distancing, masks and so forth were of no use.

Therefore declaring that the virus has mutated gets the government off that particular hook for a short while – they hope . Yet this in turn has laid the Health Secretary, whose credibility is already near zero open to further ridicule in the wake of his excruciating, embarrassingly phony shedding of crocodile tears on live TV a few days earlier.

One source told us that,

“The whole government caper has descended into Pythonesque farce that would be hilarious were it not for the damage and misery this corrupt government is causing the nation.”

Other reports attest that grass roots anger at the government’s deceit and trickery is reaching boiling point, as we witness the spectacle of a government that appears to combine being incredibly inept with shamelessly subversive.

Government’s COVID Hoax hangs by a thread as credibility evaporates