From China … With Love

From China, With Love

By: Rick Fuentes

In an incautious moment during a November 28 panel presentation in Shanghai, Professor Di Dongsheng, Vice Dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University, the school for children of the party elite, officially spilled the beans that the China Communist Party (CCP) controls people at the top of the American government.

Dongsheng’s remarks were delivered with nationalistic pride. He mused over the narcissism endemic to Western aristocracy and the ease to which they are brought under the spell of the People’s Republic.

At first, Dongsheng’s depiction of the ease of conscripting prominent Americans and institutions to work against the interests of their own country astonished his young audience. They soon relaxed, chortling and applauding as the professor related his own triumphs as a CCP operative in recruiting new and useful American “friends.” America’s blue bloods fell easily to China’s leveraging of insatiable Western appetites for power, influence, and money.

Dongsheng exposed the liberal apparatchiks of the Fourth Estate, especially the social media moguls intent on shaping a pro-China political discourse.

Sinophiles at the New York Times and the Washington Post quickly panned the video and scrubbed all search results for Di Dongsheng off their homepages. Sinophobes at the New York PostWashington TimesAxios, and Epoch Times, however, put banner headlines on the story and got the attention of Fox’s Tucker Carlson, who highlighted the story on December 8 in his opening monologue. You can find the longer seven-minute version of Dongsheng’s presentation on Parler.

Although Guan Video Global quickly deleted the original video post, it didn’t stop China opposition and expat blogsites, such as Himalaya Global, from posting their own copies. Himalaya Global, co-founded by wealthy Chinese émigré Guo Wengui along with Steven Bannon, has been suspended by Twitter.

As proudly as Dongsheng spoke of his country’s cultivating prominent Americans, he did not touch the third rail of CCP’s campaign of espionage, the use of attractive young women to honeytrap high-value political targets. Spoken in Mandarin as meiren ji, or, beautiful person plan, it is a program largely run out of China’s main spy agency, the Ministry of State Security. It has been famously effective in the United States and Europe, entrapping, among others, the Deputy Mayor of London and the Dutch ambassador to Beijing.

China has been a feedbag for American corporatists and Beltway insiders for decades. In 2017, according to the professor, the font began to dry up with a new American president. In the eyes of Donald Trump, cozying up to China was a deal absent a return on investment. The CCP began tugging on the sleeves of their friends on Wall Street, in Congress, and in the media, but got nowhere with the White House. In three short years, Donald Trump was on track to retake the high ground, imposing tariffs, luring back American industry, and forcing concessions on unfair trade practices that had created a Great Firewall between the Chinese economy and the rest of the world.

China’s gambit at blackmail and sexploitation will play out in the outcome of America’s presidential race, largely thanks to the family’s bad boy, Hunter. Operating through the storefront of a large Chinese energy company, CEFC, the CCP bankrolled Hunter’s numerous and lucrative business deals in China and on the European continent. They finished off the kompromat by accommodating and filming his drugs and sex sprees during business trips abroad.

While the CCP was putting the finishing touches on Hunter, China spies continued in the marbled halls of Congress.

Congressman Eric Swalwell is a rather dull California politico more widely known for stepping on a frog during a televised news interview. After years of slandering Donald Trump as a Russian patsy, his own goings on with a dishy Chinese spy, Fang Fang were revealed. She had plied her trade bundling and bedding Democrat lawmakers with ambitions for higher office. Starting out in 2011 as a Chinese national student at a Bay Area University, her work for Asian community organizations allowed her to infiltrate the offices of many upwardly mobile northern California politicians and officials. The scope of her contacts with the Chinese consulate in San Francisco and involvement in Democrat political circles across the country brought her to the attention of federal authorities.

The FBI tells us that Fang traded sexual favors with more federal, state, and local lawmakers than we have been given names, at least one of which was videotaped during a counterintelligence probe. With the feds closing in, she somehow slipped the net in 2015 and fled back to Beijing. Her sudden escape, in the midst of an intense spy investigation, was a blunder all too common to federal probes linked to the Democrats. Perhaps we’ll never know the extent of the pillow talk between her and a smitten 40-year old Congressman who remains a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

The extent to which China has carried out honeytraps against legislators and policy wonks within the United States is not fully known. Intelligence officials familiar with these operations suggest that the number of extortionate plots may number in the thousands.

The depth to which the CCP may influence the foreign policy of Joe Biden has been difficult to plumb. He has been duplicitous towards China, perhaps symptomatic of his mental decay, offering stiff criticism at times, then appearing misinformed and dismissive on other occasions.

Biden has repeatedly denied any involvement in Hunter’s business dealings. Seized emails from his son’s computer tell a different story. Ironically, one month after the presidential election, it comes to light that federal law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the media were in cahoots to withhold knowledge of a federal tax probe and other China allegations — perhaps so as not to damage their preferred candidate, or for fear of interfering with a Deep State plot to overturn a fair election.

The minute Biden walks into the Oval Office, America will take a back seat to China. If past is prologue, there is reason to believe that Biden family investigations involving China will be shelved. If necessary, pardons may be issued to family and friends against whom evidence has already been brought. The Durham report and any other investigations into the Machiavellian escapades of 2016 will end up in the dustbin, branded by a compliant media as delusions from the Trump era. Wall Street will be licking its chops as trade barriers and tariffs are dropped with Beijing. Millions of deaths later, China will get a free pass on culpability for the spread of COVID, perhaps even adulation over its domestic handling of the pandemic and economic recovery.

Sexspionage, graft, and influence peddling may once again put the CCP inside the Oval Office. Conspiring with Wall Street, media, and Hollywood to bring about a Trump defeat, along with the strong possibility that Joe Biden wet his beak on his son’s China dealings, China now appears on a solid footing to achieve global dominance in the next four years.

From China … With Love

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