For the US military it’s now or never.

The mRNA vaccines being rolled out under Operation Warp Speed are designed to achieve two key goals: 1) Injure or kill as many US military personnel as possible, and 2) Cause widespread infertility, injuries and death across the population at large.

The DoD has already drawn up priorities lists of which U.S. military personnel will receive these risky vaccines first. As Federal News Network reported on Dec. 2:

The military’s top official said the Defense Department plans on rolling out vaccines for COVID-19 within the next three weeks. In the meantime, the services are figuring out who in the military should get the shots first.

“There are two related, but separate plans that are in development right now,” said Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday. “The Pfizer medicine will be distributed here in the United States at 10 different locations across the Defense Department. Every medical treatment facility in the military will receive that vaccine.”

After that comes strategic forces like cyber operators and troops on missile submarines.

Notice that? High on the list are “cyber operators” and troops on missile submarines, which are crucial for America’s strategic defenses against China.

Cyber operations are being targeted because of the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, which has been instrumental in documenting the Dominion Voting Systems election theft carried out by China and other enemy nations. That battalion, also sometimes called, “Kraken,” is among the first to be targeted with Operation Warp Speed vaccines.

From the FNN story:

“We have a good count of what those numbers are,” Gilday said. “If there’s anything we’re really good at it’s mass immunization in the U.S. military. We feel pretty confident that once we get the vaccine distributed, now that we have the prioritization well thought out, the vaccination will happen pretty quickly.”

China, in other words, has convinced the U.S. military to attack itself with toxic vaccines as part of a biological weapons response program.

Notably, a cautious DoD would only vaccinate perhaps 10% of the military and then wait a few months to see what happens. But in this accelerated scenario, the DoD is going to mass vaccinate almost everyone as quickly as possible, all with the same vaccine that has never been subjected to rigorous testing or clinical trials.

The election war, the covid war, the censorship war, the media war, the culture war: It’s ALL THE SAME WAR: A war with Communist China

What every American needs to understand here is that every war we’re fighting right now, including cyber wars, information warfare, psychological warfare, economic warfare, etc., is all a war with Communist China.

China has infiltrated and compromised every institution and every layer of the United States, and it is exerting influences to destroy the United States of America from within.

Nearly all Democrats are controlled by China. From Sen. Feinstein, to Nancy Pelosi, to Gov. Newsom and countless others, all these people are on China’s payroll and function as spies and operatives for the CCP.

Trump’s battle against election fraud is really a battle against communist China, which also, it turns out, owns the Dominion Voting Systems machines that were used to rig the elections in the first place.

But Trump is mounting an epic strategic move to defeat the communist regime. He’s installing patriots all across the DoD, and he is preparing to invoke military authority to nullify this rigged election and initiate mass arrests of all the treasonous actors who colluded with communist China to commit acts of war against the United States.

This is the real war that’s taking place right now. And Trump has everything he needs to win it. He merely needs to initiate America’s full national security forces, and we believe he made the decision to do so long before this election even began.

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