Flu shot killing people in Mexico.

The people that are getting killed by the flu shot that we know directly were not close. We’d see them from time to time but it was not close. What is happening is stressing us out, because we know Mexico is under attack, I’ll not be convinced it is anything else when every damn last one who got the flu shot is dead. This is news. The family is more than scared, the family is bordering on panic. Everyone knows it was the shots and no one can do anything about it. Everyone is afraid the disease spread into the family from the shots and no one knows who is infected yet. Mexican families have HUGE get togethers, it is a BIG problem.

We do not need condolences. Yes, we’d attend the funerals if it was possible, but in both cases it is not possible. The family has gone into lockdown. And “both cases” are not all there is, people we know that are not even family have died from this shot. It is BAD. Both people from this family are already cremated. No funerals.

The shot is the “regular” flu shot, only this time, it is definitely NOT “REGULAR”. Something is up with this shot, at least in Mexico.

I have a hunch the new “outbreak” is going to be from Mexico, it is OBVIOUS the New World Order bunch has done something serious here.

If Claudia has to get any shots to keep her job, she’s just going to say “go ahead and kill yourselves” and she’ll quit. NO ONE is going to be getting ANY shots after this, and I mean NO ONE. Even Claudia’s mom, who’s scared to death of coronavirus fears the shots more.  from Claudia in Mexico.

Georgia Secretary of State printed TWO sets of ballots, one for dems, one for republicans

The ballots even had different document numbers!

AND GUESS WHAT: The ones for Republicans had intentionally mis-printed alignment markers that caused the Dominion machines to kick out EVERY SINGLE ONE for ajudication, because the machines could not figure out where to start reading the ballots. SEE THIS and yes, Twitter is saying this is also “disputed” which is a bold faced lie. This is a MAJOR BUST.


To make good and sure the good people got the good ballots, and the bad people got the bad ballots, they even had different document numbers when ALL BALLOTS SHOULD HAVE HAD THE SAME DOCUMENT NUMBER.

Aaah yes, and the courts will STILL say there’s no evidence of fraud, because that’s just how communists do it.

Sweden is jumping on the corona lockdown bandwagon

Sweden has been an island of sensibility in the river of Corona madness, up until now. Now Sweden is enacting legislation that will allow the government to shut down anyone it wants in the name of coronavirus. That is not a good development. Perhaps they got word of Covid 21?

I am suspicious Covid 21 is killing people now, and if so, it is definitely being distributed through the flu shot.

MEGA stressed

Normally I plow right through disturbing crap, but I am extra disturbed right now.

I try not to repeat rant anything, but this is worth a repeat because it is SO BAD it is almost disabling. I laid down for about an hour to de-stress before re-writing this:

The flu vax in Mexico is killing people outright this year. Claudia’s brother’s wife’s dad – on the in-law side, got the flu shot and IMMEDIATELY afterward did not feel right. By evening he was down. The next day he was in his death bed, where he stayed until it got moved to the hospital where he died. It is SO DAMN OBVIOUS the flu shot killed him and the hospital wrote it down as a covid death. Everyone in the family told him not to get the flu shot but he was stubborn and did it anyway. GREAT RESULTS. At the same time this was going on:

Two of claudia’s friends in Mexico City, who were for some stupid reason not aware of the fact that you should NEVER get the flu shot, got the shot and also died. While this was going on, claudia’s sister’s husband, which we did not confirm got the flu shot, also died. WTF is going on?

Yesterday I stated that Claudia’s other sister was also sick as h*ll but with today’s update she is feeling a little better, but that’s a moot point when we don’t know if she got the flu shot. This is not the corona vax, it is the flu shot and it is confirmed that ALL 3 PEOPLE WE KNOW FOR SURE GOT THE SHOT DIED.

I apologize for the site not being up to par for the last little bit but this was disturbing. Now NO ONE in the family wants to get together for anything, they all know it was the shot but they are spooked that the shot had the disease and that it is spreadable. All of them know about Soros, the NWO, EVERYTHING. So that’s an issue too, now that the flu shot killed someone in the immediate family that was right there among us when everyone knows what is happening in the big picture everyone is freaked out . . . . except me. I’m not freaked out. I am stressed out. Mostly because of the election. I am not scared I’m sitting on 20 pounds of quina and anyone in the family can have some. If the disease is communicable after the shot I’ll handle this. There is not going to be a funeral, no one wants to get together for one and the hospital cremated him on the spot because “he was contaminated with corona”. What a mess.

I guess the big problem with all of this (the biggest problem) is that there’s a very strong possibility the NWO is releasing Covid 21 through the Mexican flu shots, and they picked Mexico because Obrador told the NWO to stick it. Good man. I agree. but while agreeing, won’t forget just how dirty those bastards are.

And then there was that power outage . . . .

Supposedly an “imbalance” in Mexico’s grid tripped it. I say FAT CHANCE. I say a sensing error tripped that 20 state power outage and it was done by Covid&crew. Obrador is resisting their evil crap and I am worried they are about to serve up a major plague with a side of power outage. We actually prepped for both, so if the power does go out I’ll still be doing this site but what about everyone else? The NWO absolutely would shut down Mexico’s power to get people pissed at Obrador.

And then there’s the election.

I have a hunch 2021 is going to be a year to remember, and not in a good way, the entire year will be like a never ending Sep11. I really don’t know what is going to transpire in the U.S., all I know is I’ll be sitting here stressing the hell out, probably watching good people vanish while trying to keep the site relevant enough so a few good ones make it. That’s what I think is going to happen, absent a miracle between now and the 20th, and at this point, even a nuclear war would be a miracle. Why? because less people would die in a nuclear war than in a communist genocide, and those that did die in a nuclear war would be heavily weighted towards being the right ones to get rid of.

WE, THE PEOPLE, would survive a nuclear war. But we’ll never get over a communist genocide.

Yes, I have been stressed.

The Daily Fail did a report about the Nashville bomber’s girlfriend

She talked all about how he practiced making bombs in his motor home for over a year before. But there are problems with that story –

If he was supposed to be a loner, (all the patsies are) – loners don’t have girlfriends. AND everyone, even huge sites like Infowars figured out it was not his RV that showed up at the bombing scene, which happened to be very conveniently and purely coincidentally right where Dominion voting machines were sitting awaiting audit . . . . .

That reminds me – Yesterday I started to think we might have to throw in the towel and start preparing for a full on communist takeover.

The problem is that we needed the audit to happen, and the left blew it up. The Nashville explosion may have finished America off. IF the FBI actually got into that facility and took those machines, we can probably throw in the towel.

This election proved every conspiracy theorist 100 percent correct. There was subversion. There was a takeover underway. And it was the communists (and I won’t bother with saying who they are this time because that gets old). And every institution, from the universities to the courts to the election office is subverted and destroyed, there is no value in any of them anymore and this election proved it.

Main street America is at least partially in for a rude awakening soon, the communists are going to pounce and like 1917 with the spanish flu, they have coronavirus this time around, people really ought not overlook that. This time around they had the tech needed to actually build a threat, I don’t know if they are administering it 100 percent through shots the way they did in 1917 or if they want actual spreaders but the theme is the same –

As far as the 1917 outbreak goes, It is hard to know just how deeply rooted those who support communism were in the world back then. But it appears they were at least rooted well enough to get the right people placed in the medical system to ensure the spanish flu happened. In case you are not aware of what I am talking about, see this.

One thing I noticed when searching that particular topic this time is that all the top hits say the story is false, when even a week ago the searches did not come back like that. Somebody has something to hide, and it is obviously true. I disagree that it was “an experiment gone awry” and instead believe that the same communists that took Russia at that time were in the American system but less prevalent, and that they did this intentionally. Nothing went awry, they did it on purpose. If not, how, in the middle of the next communist revolution do we have a similar thing being spread via needles that has already, in the last couple weeks, killed 3 people we know right after they got the flu shot?

It would be worth it to look into how the spanish flu was done, because communists are consistent, they always work from the same bag of tricks.

Georgia runoffs: The Dems will “win”.

They will take the seats via fraud only, especially ater stealing this election which people totally hate them for. The same voting machines AND scammers are in place, don’t expect accurate results, instead, expect “fair” results.

The goal is to get Biden in with a majority in the house and senate (without) sparking a civil war, so they will be able to destroy the country without any hindrance. Certainly the corrupted supreme court won’t stop anything.

The only hope is for them to be afraid of being held accountable for stealing the election (probably won’t be, the courts are proven totally corrupt) and for Trump to get another term. Absent that, you can kiss it away on Jan 20. You had better get good at raising chickens out in the bush.

Trump alone won’t cut it, we need the senate or they’ll just oust him.


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