English Democrats demand end to lockdowns

One Final push!!!

The 2nd Edition of the only English Nationalist Newspaper Must be Printed!

Will You be part of this historical publication?

The first edition of English Patriot has officiallySold out!

This ground-breaking Newspaper caused shockwaves among the liberal-leftie elite and their snowflake followers.

We are Smashing the Fake News Media!

With Facebook, YouTube and Twittercensoring Patriots across the world, the English Patriot is the most effective and powerful way to get our message out and wake up the English people before it it too late!

Will you help me produce, print and distribute 50,000 of the 2nd edition of the ‘ENGLISH PATRIOT’ Newspapers?

The liberals can keep their dying social media platforms. Nothing is more powerful that a professional, well-written Newspaper to inspire the English people into action.

An army of individuals in their bedrooms is not an army. So, how are we going to build a political army? Not online, but on the streets? I’m talking about real power!

English Patriot is the Most Powerful Weapon in our Arsenal and Our Enemies Know it!

This won’t be cheap, but it must be done. We’ve worked out what we need not just to start this vital project, but also to keep it going until it funds itself as it spreads practical, English Nationalist ideals/

That figure is £7,900, and I need your passion and love for our England to help me raise this. Will you stand with me and be part of England’s struggle for her very survival or will you sit back and play the role of spectator?

I’m in this for the long haul, so I need your help!

I know our people, how dedicated they are to this cause, how much they love our England and I think I know you well enough, Henry,and I am confident that now you will help us keep English Patriot alive!

In generations to come, people will remember the English Patriot Newspaper as a turning point in English Nationalism, as the Paper that summoned MILLIONS to the flag and breathed new life into the English nation.

  are you with me?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman


2 Responses to “English Democrats demand end to lockdowns”

  1. Aldous says:

    Just what the dying West needs right now, another controlled opposition fake outfit called English Democrats. As if.
    Look to the Middle East (especially Syria) and see what’s required to stop the Zionist plague in its heinous tracks.

    BTW the ads really suck and it’s no wonder that visitor numbers to the site have plummeted.

    • Tapestry says:

      Sorry about the ads. I kept it ad free for 14 years! The owner has costs and I can’t pay them forever. Offer him a donation if he’ll remove his ads!
      EDs are led by a real battler. It’s hard to hope, I would agree. Yet only through people who engage in legal activism can we hope.

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