Economics for Dummies (aka Boris Johnson and Co)


by Kieron McFadden

With the incumbent government it is difficult to judge where mere stupidity and ineptitude end and an effort to cripple the nation begins.

A case in point:

Someone needs to point out the Boris and his gang of saboteurs that:

Even the most brilliant trade deal in the history of the planet would be of no use if we have nothing to trade.

Unless of course your trade deals includes charity, whereby other nations agree to give you stuff without expecting anything in exchange for it.

Therefore, it is important that we have things to trade and in order to have things to trade we need to produce, create, manufacture or otherwise bring them into being.

Therefore it is necessary that the government start looking at how we can be helped and encouraged to produce goods and services (otherwise known as wealth) for our own consumption and for trade with other nations for those things we do not ourselves yet produce.

Therefore all efforts to inhibit, cripple, discourage, penalise or otherwise suppress honest production must cease.

Failure to do this WILL sabotage our ability to survive and flourish after Brexit.

And to the degree to which we are prevented from producing wealth, we WILL experience a continued lowering of our standard of living, encroaching poverty and so forth.

There is no reason why any nation cannot be free of external governance, fully determine its own affairs and THRIVE as  self-governing entity PROVIDED its government is not manned by covert enemies who contrive to sabotage that endeavour.

It is clear that despite what it SAYS it is doing, the UK’s government and Parliament are doing their utmost to sabotage the nation’s efforts to survive as an independent entity.

I expect them to royally screw up Brexit negotiations whilst continuing with the COVID hoax, which provides the “justification” and smoke screen for disrupting or sabotaging our efforts to create wealth.

Another case in point: the survival of a functioning NHS requires the existence of an economy fit and healthy enough to sustain it.

The poorer the economy, the less able it is to support a national health service.

The survival in good shape of any economy requires the production of goods and services.

The wealth of any economy and the standard of living of its people is directly proportional to its production of goods and services.

Any government that by one means or another stops, inhibits restricts or constricts the production by the people of goods and services WILL MAKE THE COUNTRY POORER.

By making the country poorer it makes it less able to sustain a functioning health service.

A government whose policies or edicts bring about a crash in production, crashes the standard of living and thereby jeopardizes the survival of the health service supported and sustained by the economy.

The British government exhorts us to “save the NHS” whilst its actions to crash production will, unless quickly reversed, cause it to wither and die

Whatever the smoke-and-mirrors pandemic and the attack on the nation’s capacity to produce is really all about, concerns about the survival of the NHS are merely a smokescreen of PR and spin.

After all, the observable RESULT of these “efforts” to save the NHS are a reduction in service provided by the NHS!!

And on the subject of the smokescreen of PR and spin, so are the waffle and posturings about Brexit.

There is nothing wrong with the People having dreams and aspirations but everything wrong with the crooks who hijack them.

A brighter future is there for the taking – or I should say, creating – but right now, under the pretence of “leading us to the Promised Land”, we are being herded into a ravine by people who despise us.

Economics for Dummies (aka Boris Johnson and Co)