Do You really Believe that the Puppets will get the real VAXX

I sat and watched in total  disbelief as Obama, Clinton, Bush, and uncle Tom Cobley and all, volunteered to take the Pfizer  mRNA shot. Hancock even volunteered, along with Piers Morgan. All people that, along with one or two others like  Tony Blair, Tony Blair, did I mention Tony, ok sorry,  that I would volunteer to give all of the doses to,  all 300+ million shots, til I couldn’t  press another syringe. If I needed help I’d get it. 

                  Do, they expect us to believe, that they’ll be queueing up amongst mortals to get the real thing??                        

                 Remember Sadiq Kahn with the no needle flu shot. Imagine all the mentioned low lifes in a village hall with two miles of security entourage in shades stopping school kids and postmen from getting too near, No?? me neither. They’d test the saline solution on 200 kidnapped kids before they take even that. 

                         They were going to get the frontline medical staff and any old folks they hadn’t already killed first. The medical staff however had different ideas and told them to Foxtrot Oscar. Now the old folks go first, possibly, I suspect, with saline solution, to avoid complications and to facilitate maximum uptake of real vax.  The A team above will then be next with possibly George Clooney and Tom Hanks . I’d love a nurse to come in rattling a trolly of real vaccine as they wait, but it won’t happen. If a jackdaw comes too near, it’s as good as dead. The saddest thing is, people, and I mean many many people, will fall for it,  I mean, some send Christmas cards to soap characters. A friend, or, he’d possibly be better described as a long time acquaintance of mine, a man in his seventies, has not been out of his house this year. Terrified of the great unseen plague. Sadly he is not alone.  




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  1. ian says:

    BTW the ads though necessary I imagine, really spoil the site. If however it’s ads or no site, then I like them.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The site owner has to make a living, as we all understand, but I wonder if the adverts could be limited to products and services relevant to Tap News as we progress from here. Windham of is building a relationship with the site, albeit a small start, for example. Google Ads is quick and simple to lay on, but is hardly in accord with the site’s original aims, and values.

  3. Tapestry says:

    As for the three Presidents pictured above, Obama is living with Michael known as Michelle. George Bush and Tony Blair were both using the same male prostitutes, according to Gordon Logan on this site. Clinton was always badged as a big womaniser but is no doubt another crypto. The women on Epstein Island said he never laid a finger on them. Hillary his beard, another Crypto. Even JFK is photographed with his supposed boyfriend, as found on The more they are lionised as womanisers in the media, the more likely they are to be otherwise. Boris and Trump possible exceptions to that notion. Nice piece of writing Ian. Celebrities are used in medical advertising in many parts of the world. I notice in the Philippines that’s where the stars make their biggest money. How much would Clooney get for a fake COVID vaccine? (yet another crypto some say)

  4. shirlus humanity says:

    Anybody wants to be foolish to be fooled by those fools and take the vaccines from recommendation of non entities; then you haven’t got a brain and will go to your own demise – death.

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