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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Expose the scam and the KGB will come for you in the night. Politicised police are an occupation force. Here are Gloucestershire KGB intimidating one of our fellow Brits.

    woman films empty Gloucester Royal Hospital and gets arrested

    A woman has been arrested after recording a video of an empty Gloucester hospital, which she released online.

    Debbie Hicks, a 46-year-old woman, took the video of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on the 27th December 2020. It can be clearly seen in the video that the hospital is near deserted. There are no cars in the street, ambulances are parked up with paramedics cleaning out the backs, A&E is deserted, corridors are deserted, and there are even what look like building works going on outside.

    However in a recently released statement Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said:

    “Our hospitals are and remain extremely busy and colleagues at both our hospitals have been working hard throughout the festive period to care for our patients.

    “We are currently caring for more than 200 patients with Covid-19, including many who require treatment in our critical care departments, and a further 500+ non-Covid patients who need our care and expertise.

    “Every day, we provide urgent treatment for more than 300 patients at our Emergency Departments at Gloucester and Cheltenham and this continues every day of the year.

    “This includes patients who walk in and those who come by ambulance; of these 300 patients, around 100 will require admission or further treatment on our wards.”

    What patients? There aren’t any.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “woman films empty Gloucester Royal Hospital and gets arrested

      LOL! Well YouTube wasted no time in hiding that little snippet of reality which the obedient zombies must never see! Removed apparently for violating its terms of service.
      Hope it goes viral on other platforms. It’s still available on Twitter.
      Wouldn’t matter anyway: you can show the masked zombies as much stuff like this as you like, and even if you took them into those deserted hospitals, so they can see the TRUTH with their own eyes, they’d still continue to proudly wear their slave masks, while standing outside their homes on Thursday evenings applauding the redundant NHS staff for making cheerful and ‘cute’ Tik-Tok music videos about how great they are at doing NOTHING; while they themselves suffer with no job and no hope and, no idea why they love their servitude and the tyrants who clearly hate them.

  2. archer says:

    I had a brief discussion with a relative on Xmas day and made clear my belief that this is all a hoax.

    He got a bit irate as ‘he knows many people that have had COVID and several that have died from it’. I explained that people get ill and die all the time – of many causes – only this year has the flu been talked about every day and the risk completely overhyped.
    He also refused to believe that the government would cause the country such economic harm by implementing lockdowns without just cause and so for this reason, ‘the virus must be bad enough to justify it’.

    I think many of the serfs (such as the berk I was speaking to) are afraid to believe that perhaps the government don’t actually care a jot about them (us).

    • Tapestry says:

      Very common to hear ‘I know people who died from it’. It’s so easy to mislead people once they are afraid. And it’s easy to make people afraid unless they have prior warning that most epidemics are fake – swine flu, bird flu, HIV, Zika, Ebola, SARS 1, SARS 2, MERS. Go back and see how many million would die from each one and you will see they were all duds. It’s simple to cause a few deaths from vaccination – Hepatitis vaccine gave victims AIDS. Flu vaccine gave people COVID-19 which is treatable with anti-coagulants but these were withheld. Many older people were killed with morphine. The media know how to maintain fear amongst us ignorant peasants. The flu vaccine and contaminated COVID tests will no doubt be spreading sickness and death from hereon. The COVID vaccine is already killing nurses. And paralysing them. And making them infertile. Hospital employees will be decimated I would imagine as they will not be required once the NHS is terminated, and all these empty hospitals finally close. Meantime they are vaccination and testing centres, using hospital staff as guinea pigs. Dr Mengele used concentration camp inmates to see what doses were lethal, and what dosages allowed the victims to live on and die later, apparently from other causes. Hospital workers are the first line of testing. Schoolchildren are next.

    • emm jay says:

      I so know what you mean Archer … I’m struggling with them to be honest.

  3. archer says:

    It’s probably not worth wasting our breath on the sheep, emm jay and Tap – much better to focus on the open minded. There are many of us out there – more than it seems (or the media would have us believe).

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