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Disability By Design: Covid-19, Titanium Dioxide and Electromagnetic Radiation

What has been described as a viral epidemic is in this writer’s opinion a complex interplay
of electromagnetic forces on food additive E171 or titanium dioxide.
There has been an absolute abuse of science and language in
describing titanium dioxide as a food additive, which has allowed food
and pharmaceutical manufacturers to include this synergistic poison in
their products.

There is ample evidence of this corruption, in scientific and
medical papers, where disease after disease has its origins in exposure to
titanium dioxide.

But, despite my attempts for eight years to alert the media, politicians
and doctors to this fact, the response to this information has been dismal.
It appears many groups have lost the ability to think critically for
themselves and more importantly care less about its effects on people.

Titanium dioxide is not a nutrient.

It is insoluble and excoriates vascular systems within the body. It bioaccumulates in organs, reducing
their ability to function properly and it reacts to various frequencies of
electromagnetic radiation.

Titanium dioxide is in fact a weapon, for it has many applications
in weapon systems including Nanothermite and depleted munitions.
Recent forensic research has revealed that the genuine victims of
covid-19 have died from a process called disseminated-intravascularcoagulation (DIC). It is a process
from which the body is overcome by a cascade of micro thrombi or blood
clots. There is research showing that this process can be used in a positive
sense to reduce haemorrhages.

Where titanium dioxide and ultrasound can be used to effect limited coagulation thus
prevent bleeding in accident victims. But not understood, by a great
many researchers, is the fact that the cause of covid-19 and its many
variants such as ‘long covid’ is this complex interplay of elements.
Many victims of covid-19 have been predisposed to having
their immunity status critically lowered by prolonged exposure
to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from photo voltaics (cheap
solar panels) which produce adverse electrical fields. This has been the
case of many victims in nursing homes in Australia and many of
those who sailed away on ‘floating microwave ovens,’ the cruise ships
where passengers were subjected to high levels of 5G.
The resulting confusion created by the media and politicians, where
victims suffering with pre-existing comorbidities, is easily understood
when all the elements of the puzzle are put together in the right sequence.

We should bear in mind that the comorbidities in question are
the result of prolonged exposure to titanium dioxide, either from food or
pharmaceutical products.

Robin D P Watson is the author of
the Nano Blenders Thesis.
From https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/The-Light-Issue-4-Web-Optimi…