Cyberpandemic has Begun: SolarWinds + FireEye – Anything can happen now

by Ice Age Farmer | Dec 15, 2020

Thanks to Judy for the video.

The WEF’s proclaimed Cyberpandemic has begun: defense, power, water, finance, and our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction AND unlocked the back doors of governments, militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500.

Christian breaks it down, and asks: “Who stands to benefits from this Cyberpandemic?” in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.

The Deadliest Virus In The World: Communism

What is the deadliest thing mankind has ever encountered in history? Disease, famine, nuclear weapons? Not even close. By sheer body count, it’s an idea. One that thrives on absolute power and control, and will stop at nothing to achieve complete domination. This is the story of the deadliest virus in the world, COMMUNISM. You can’t kill an idea, but ideas can kill you. We must fight this virus to survive.

Coronavirus, communism, cyber attack, collapse of the financial and economic system, decades of toxic chemtrails discharged from planes, blocked sun light, 5G, all part of a depop agenda in our face, and so few people willing to see it.

Stock up on food, supplies, meds, water, firewood in you live in a cold climate, etc., and form local buddy systems for support because these psychopaths are out of control. Please share to sound the alarm. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino