COVID the tool of Satanic Communism

The Kosher Nostra

COMMUNISM is the political wing of Judeo-Babylonian Satanism.

It was no accident that SAUL ALINSKY dedicated his book RULES FOR RADICALS to LUCIFER.

Alinsky is Obama’s mentor.

So, it is no accident that Obama’s rallying call “Yes we can!” reversed cries “Thankyou Satan”. 

Likewise it is no accident that Obama’s husband, Michael, appeared on the front cover of a glossy magazine subtly giving the HORNED HAND SIGN – known as the Sign of Baphomet…

YouTube is awash with what the BBC describe as ‘Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories’. This week, we present a six-part TV series which takes a sarcastic and sardonic look at those conspiracy theories… And we discover that the Mafia bosses were NOT Italian!

In the ENIGMA CHANNEL’S sardonic and satirical “JUDAS CONSPIRACY” TV series, we learn the true real names of Communists who waged – and still wage – an oppressive war on traditional family values…

They murdered millions of Christians and for more than a century have held Russians and satellite nations in cruel cultural and economic captivity…

We uncover the links between the Bolsheviks, Satanists and AL CAPONE!!!!

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THE JUDAS CONSPIRACY investigates deeper into the Satanic communist elite like no other TV series before or since. We learn that far from being ‘men of the people’, most of the communist leaders were actually not even Russian! 

Trotsky lived in Manhattan, with his own chauffeur, he had a private lush apartment with a private phone hot-wired to the Kremlin, and even his own refrigerator in the 1920s!

The Bolshevik Jewish serial killers commanded by the Kremlin are the world’s most successful state-sponsored Death Squads the world has ever known. In fact, as we show you, most of the world’s biggest mass murderers were Israeli-Russian Jews… And when they entered the USA, they formed the MAFIA… Yes, the Mafia were not Italian – they were Jews from Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. They were known as the KOSHER NOSTRA.

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