Britain is largely responsible for the Palestinian tragedy

Palestine and Britain’s Colonial Past

 Britain’s colonial past has been the centre of intense debate over the past two years, with the Black Lives Matter movement – and the Windrush scandal exposing the terrible treatment of those who came to this country from the Caribbean after the war. And the contribution of troops from the Empire and Commonwealth who gave their service and sometimes sacrificed their lives.

But are there some parts of this country’s history that remain off-limits for discussion?

British Palestinian activist Akram Salhab has made this film exploring how Palestinians feel that their experience of British colonialism is being sidelined.

This is his personal account of how it feels to be British and Palestinian.

By Akram Salhab


– “Channel 4 News” –

December 16, 2020 “Information Clearing House



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  1. ian says:

    The Palestine situation is terrible. The Balfour declaration as I understand it, was a coercive agreement by the Rothschilds, “at least as front men”, and the British government, to create a homeland for “The Jews”, in exchange for bringing the US into the war against Germany. That Palestine did not belong to Britain was considered irrelevant. My father served in the British army in Palestine as the Jewish influx happened. He didn’t agree with it and it troubled him all his days. Windrush, I believe was carried out behind the back of the British government, and given that it was the start of the destruction of the British people by mass immigration, I suspect that I know who was likely behind it. British decisions, by the decision makers, never involved, nor do they involve today, the ordinary British people, yet we are displaced and demonised, and blamed, while those guilty of all the crimes, aid and abet those blaming us, and profit from all changes. The people behind all these crimes, are the same entities who are behind the Covid Scamdemic today.

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