Belgian Minister of Health admits that the closure of shops had no health basis but was intended to create an electric shock in the population

by Lerebelle. — Dec 2, 2020

Machine Translation

Asked at the exit of the Concertation Committee this Friday, November 27, the Minister of Health held a speech which challenged many people, including his coalition partners.

Returning to the decision to reopen non-essential shops from December 1, Frank Vandenbroucke (sp.a) explained that “shopping did not really involve any risk when everything was well controlled”. Words to which the VRT journalist immediately reacted, asking why these stores had to close their doors on October 30.

“Because at one point we needed to make a shock decision, we needed an electric shock and that implied that we immediately close non-essential businesses,” retorted the Minister of Health, who also admitted that he it was a “psychological” measure.The closing of the stores was not a health measure but an “electric shock” for the population


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