Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic

Sky News host Alan Jones says he has warned time and time again the political leaders who are the architects of this coronavirus response will not be able to escape the criticism that is now finding its way into the public place. It comes as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, on Wednesday penned an article in the Australian Financial Review announcing his resignation from his position. Mr Sabhlok wrote he resigned “so that I would be able to speak out against the state’s management of the COVID-19 infection”. “I made a number of criticisms of the state government on social media. The head of human relations at Treasury asked me to remove them. “I resigned on the same day, the only honourable course for a free citizen of Australia,” Mr Sabhlok wrote. Mr Sabhlok continued to note a number of his other criticisms over the response to the virus. “One question remains, how many others have been silenced across all arms of government, including in Canberra,” Mr Jones said. Mr Jones also reiterated his call for a national advertising campaign to “tell the public the truth about the fact this virus is not a pandemic”.


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  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Ancient News, that only a few of us (Covid-19 realists) even saw, let alone took any notice of.
    You can shove as much truth such as this as you can find and make the compliant masked zombies watch it and listen to the truthful words of wisdom forever and it won’t alter their group think, nor their entrenched belief that we’re still facing a ‘deadly pandemic’ worse than the 1910 bubonic plague; even when they KNOW that the flu often kills many more people than this invented ruse, consisting of about 99% pure, MSM FEAR-porn.

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