As thick as two short politicians – the government that never learns


by Steve Cook

So the gov’s latest wheeze in an effort to breathe more life into its dying terror campaign has been to respond to “advice” from “experts” that it should be “worried” and “concerned” the COVID9 bug has developed a mysterious  “variant” that has caused it to accelerate the rate at which it is spreading.

Having received their stimuli, Boris and Co have duly reacted in the manner of Pavlov’s dogs, turned up the dictatorship another notch and launched WEDs (Weapons of Economic Destruction) against London, ably assisted by its Mayor, Genghis Khan.

This is all being done according to the scientific methodology known as MSU (Making Sh*t Up) so favoured by oppressive regimes the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

In line with MSU’s compulsory voluntary guidelines there’s no actual scientific evidence produced unless you count “advice” from faceless subversives, and “concern” or “worry” or Barmy Boris looking mental on TV (or Hatt Mancock looking shifty) as scientific  evidence.

The government of course feels that telling everybody repeatedly that it is “following the science” is enough science, especially as science can be inconvenient and time-consuming if you have to spend days or weeks rigging the results or faking the stats – the time after all can be better spent panicking or grinding down small businesses and other government programs.

So what we apparently have is a government “concerned” about an accelerated spread of the bug because of “advice”it has received from somebody or other whose identities must remain secret for reasons of state secrecy.

That’s evidence is it?

Apparently it is at least enough evidence to justify bypassing Parliament (yet again) attacking London and turning various screws (social, economic, Yuletide, patience etc) on the populace.

And who are these freakin’ experts on whose puppet strings Barmy Boris and the rest of his intellectually challenged crew of nation wreckers are so happy to dance?

We are going to leave aside the fact that, by the way, the statistical evidence for the spread of the disease is derived from the ruddy PCR test.

The PCR test has more things wrong with it than Boris’ haircut. One of these is the minor technical point that it does not establish and never has established the existence in anyone who tests positive (even in the minuscule percentage of cases where the positive is not false) of a live infectious virus.

Because of this (along with a host of other reasons) relying on the PCR test to “prove” the spread of the virus is about as sound as referring to the movie “Independence Day” to prove there’s a threat of alien invasion.

You can find out more on why the PCR test is a total fraud here

So who are those very wise but anonymous people with brains the size of a planet?

Well, professor Neil Ferguson for one, as the following article from the Spectator explains.

Leaving aside the fact that he is still advising the government when the government (in YET ANOTHER lie) said he would not be, why the hell does the government insist on using this bloke whose mathematical predictions (not to mention his personal ethics) were utterly, abysmally, horribly, blatantly, glaringly indisputably and undeniably wrong?

With the resources of the entire scientific community at its disposal, virologists, epidemiologists, mathematicians, statisticians and so forth, the gov is still taking advice from Ferguson? Is this indicative of the standards it will accept when the well being of the country is at stake?

Another, deeper, mystery in back of all this of course is this:

Why are we letting ourselves be governed to destruction by people so bereft of common sense, competence, sanity, honesty or even an interest in the survival of our country?

The Spectator at least has sided with the People and its article is well worth a read. Find it here.

 As thick as two short politicians – the government that never learns