As American Business Are Cast Into A Coronavirus Death Spiral, ‘Preppers’ Are Demonized By The MSM Because Globalists Hate Those They Cannot Control

Americans Compared To ‘Army Ants’, Walking In Circles Until They Die

Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline Dec 22, 2020

As I walked into our local grocery store on Monday I was quite surprised to read the sign greeting me at the entranceway.

While I was used to reading the sign stating ‘masks or face coverings required by state law’, the last thing I had expected to read was another sign stating ‘only purchase the amount of food and supplies that you need now, DO NOT ‘stock up” in huge bold letters.

And while all of the signs in the entranceway to the store couldn’t help but remind me of the 1971 song ‘Signs’ by the ‘Five Man Electrical Band’“Sign, sign Everywhere a sign… Blockin’ out the scenery… Breakin’ my mind…. Do this, don’t do that…. Can’t you read the sign?, their latest sign warning Americans NOT to ‘stock up’ was the latest ‘sign’ of ‘something nasty this way comes’.

So while I would have taken a picture of this latest ‘sign’ to include this story but I avoid carrying around a cell phone like I’d avoid carrying around a time bomb, this new story over at CNBC reports ‘doomsday prepping’ is huge news in 2020 as Americans begin to realize that there is something seriously ‘amiss’ with the world we’re now living in, Covid-19 being just a small part of the overall equation.

And with US Senator Rand Paul recently giving us a look at ‘the bigger picture’ when he voted against the coronavirus stimulus bill (which is a huge joke that provides homes with illegal aliens living within them more money than it does American citizens!), and Paul warning the US dollar is practically ‘dead’ due to US government overspending, as we’ll explore within this story, we serve our families and loved ones best by preparing for what is ahead, no matter what ‘the signs’ (written by globalists) in the stores say.

According to this story over at the Atlantic, as we rush into winter, America is trapped in a pandemic death spiral. Reporting that government across the country have been making the same mistakes over and over again, leading to what they say is “the country going around and around in circles”, that story compared us to ‘ants’, a seemingly perfect metaphor for what the globalists think about us.

Army ants will sometimes walk in circles until they die. The workers navigate by smelling the pheromone trails of workers in front of them, while laying down pheromones for others to follow. If these trails accidentally loop back on themselves, the ants are trapped. They become a thick, swirling vortex of bodies that resembles a hurricane as viewed from space. They march endlessly until they’re felled by exhaustion or dehydration.

The ants can sense no picture bigger than what’s immediately ahead. They have no coordinating force to guide them to safety. They are imprisoned by a wall of their own instincts. This phenomenon is called the death spiral. I can think of no better metaphor for the United States of America’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic….

Yet those who are ‘preparing’ for that ‘something nasty ahead’ are taking control of their own lives. And the globalists absolutely hate those who they cannot control. So lets take a look at an excerpt below from this story over at CNBC in which they immediately attempt to ‘demonize’ those who are preparing as ‘hoarders’, before we continue.

This was the year that coronavirus fears turned American shoppers into hoarders. There have been widespread shortages on products like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and flour as people prepared for the long stretches of isolation that have become commonplace during the pandemic. 

But for one segment of the population, preparing for the worst was a way of life even before the pandemic. “Preppers” or “survivalists,” as they’re known, have been around for years, buying elaborate survival kits, yearlong supplies of nonperishable foods and even elaborate underground bunkers. 

“Prepping is about PREparing for emergencies, not creating a supply shortage because you now suddenly need three boxes of N95 masks for your personal use,” a moderator wrote in March on the r/Preppers forum on Reddit, which currently boasts over 208,000 members. Threads focus on everything from Covid and pharmaceutical drug shortages to the benefits of a gas lamps versus candles.

With their story then attempting to paint ‘preppers’ as millionaires who are able to afford million dollar bunkers, reporting “Truly committed and well-financed preppers have been known to spend millions of dollars on bunker or other types of off-the-grid, even underground, shelters”, they neglect to report that most preppers aren’t millionaires at all, or even close to it, but ‘ordinary Americans’ who’ve ‘seen the signs’ of what is ahead and have decided to take pro-active actions to help ensure their families survival in times of trouble.

And Senator Rand Paul sees that ‘handwriting on the wall’. From this CNBC News story.:

Casting himself in the role of Christmas Grinch, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is chastising Democrats and Republicans alike who support a roughly $900 billion coronavirus relief package that officials argue is sorely needed to help the staggering economy. Paul is opposing the new relief package and deriding Congress for handing out “free money” as the federal government’s national debt keeps climbing. 

“This bill is free money for everyone,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor Monday afternoon. “And yet, if free money were the answer, if money really grew on trees, why not give more free money? Why not give it out all the time? “Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? If we can print up money with impunity, why not do it?”

As Paul warns in the 1st video below, “the US Government is BROKE. There is no money in the savings account”. Warning that in fact, 22% of all US dollars in existence have been printed in 2020, and that whether we’re being told it or not, the US dollar is ‘toast’, what happens when the US dollar loses its ‘world’s reserve currency’ status in the weeks or months ahead as the globalists usher in their ‘great reset’?

With Senator Paul also recently warning that masks are all about ‘submission’ rather than for public health reasons, and ‘medical tyranny’ sending more than 8 million Americans into poverty since the summer of 2020 while leading to the permanent shuttering of a countless number of small businesses across America, how much more can the American people take before they reach a ‘breaking point’?

As Steve Quayle warns in a recent interview on the Hagmann Report, the America we all grew up in is being rapidly herded towards destruction with America now having ‘the best government China could buy’ while the American people are rebranded as ‘2nd class citizens’ living in a global government world gone mad.

So with preppers being demonized by the mainstream media at a time when the globalists seek to control us all, we’ve gone ahead and republished part of our ‘Still or back in stock’ prepping page below these videos for those who want to stock up on food now, while we still can, with the time to do so potentially running out very quickly in the not-so-distant future.

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