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Are British Intelligence and Psyops wallahs driving the government narrative?


by Jon Davy

It has since become obvious to virtually everyone except perhaps a comatose minority that the government is running the COVID Pandemic deception on behalf of criminal vested interests.

But such was the blizzard of propaganda that smoke-screened it, it was initially hard for the ordinary citizen to see it for what it was.

A series of crass errors by those running the scam have, however, eroded that cover until the fullness of what has been inflicted on the population has become glaringly evident.

Those behind it are now working a desperate rearguard action to try to salvage their project, yet judging by the way the mood of the country has swung against them, their chances of success – or even avoiding criminal prosecution are increasingly slim.

The freedom movement has flourished like never before as the scam has raised public awareness of the hitherto hidden criminal hijack or subversion of government. The burgeoning of the Freedom movement – and with it the real prospect of bringing to this planet a truly great civilisation – has been a joy to behold.

It is only necessary for us to keep doing what we are doing and pour coals on our purposes.

The following mantra might apply:

  • Stay honest
  • Keep Going
  • Unite and win

Or some such thing.

It is worth viewing, I think, what has been attempted by the enemies of Man as a psychological warfare operation, as it helps understand and predict the machinations at work.

The news that British intelligence has been intimately involved in the government’s operations against the People (see this article) comes as no surprise. For therein there lies a repository of knowledge on the crude technology of psychological warfare.

With a unit of said Intelligence outfit installed right there next to Boris in Downing Street, and the knowledge that the SAGE committee is loaded with “psychologists” (ie experts on mind games) the psyop aspect becomes increasingly evident (you see it for instance in the stock tactic of propagandising fear into being and using it as a control mechanism) and it begs the questions as to whether the tail is in fact wagging the dog.

We have been very scathing of the PM but if one considers that here we have a not particularly bright or ethical individual surrounded by psychological warfare and mass manipulation experts, one can understand that the man may not be entirely a master of his own destiny (or brain) as much as he thinks he is.

One should reflect too on what we have already covered in earlier articles on the connections between the WHO, psychiatry and the Tavistock psychological warfare institute in London (see – Wars, epidemics and mass suggestibility) an arm of British Intelligence since WWII when it was run by the army psychiatrist Brigadier Rawlings Rees as an ultimately victorious counter operation to that of Goebbels in Berlin.

As we’re not in the business of telling you what to think, we invite you to consider this psyop aspect more closely, look it over and form your own conclusions.

In  the meantime, notice how the PM and Health Secretary etc use stock propaganda trigger words and phrases such as “threat” and “keeping us safe” [from a disease that places the vast majority of us in no danger!]. Take a look at their interviews and pronouncements and see for yourself how much “keeping us safe” and variants thereof are seeded all through their communications.

Doubtless some “expert” on propaganda and psyops is advising our glorious leaders on which trigger phrases to sprinkle throughout their speeches.

The fact that the government’s effort to hoodwink the nation is steadily unravelling suggests either that the psyop boys are not very good at what they do or their heart is not really in it. After all, the army exists to defend the nation from attack and assisting the scammers is actually assisting the nation’s enemies who are trying to do it in – a highly unpatriotic enterprise which I imagine many in the military are not entirely comfortable with.

Be that as it may, until such a time as the military decide to actually defend the nation instead of collaborating in its destuctio0n, here are another couple of psyop tricks to watch for:

1.  Seeding dissident groups on FB  and so on with shills and trolls. You’ll see more of this as the scam unravels and such capers are used as an effort to undermine an increasingly powerful and influential counter- movement.

2.  The infiltration of enemy groups so as to undermine, fracture or confuse them is, of course, as old as warfare and the dark arts of population control. We are now seeing modern versions.

Said shills and trolls will:

*  Seed groups with posts that contain a counter message. Crude analogy: a group for vegetarians infiltrated by a meat-eater who posts to the group memes that favour meat eating with comments like “Hey guys, I saw this and wondered what you think!”

*  Post defeatist message such as (crude example: “I think our cause is great but everybody out there hates us and nobody is listening!”) that serve to introvert and undermine the confidence of groups that are actually winning and gaining ground.

*  Get involved in group discussions but turn them distempered and ugly in an effort to undermine group cohesion.

It is worth group members and admins being alert to such infiltration.

Here is another:  joining groups such as the PM’s FB page and making supportive messages and comments to create the illusion he has a dedicated hard core of support for his shenanigans.

You can usually recognise these because they tend to be abusive of opposing views (using inanities like the “tin foil hat” riposte) or the supportive comments are incredibly shallow (“Keep up the good work Boris!” or “Boris you are the best PM we ever had”!” etc etc)

I thought these things worth  mentioning.

Let’s hope the military decide to side with the people while we still have a country for them to defend.

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