2020 Will Be Our Last Good Year Unless…

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

So, now there is talk of a third wave after Christmas – taking us neatly down to Easter, when they will no doubt start warning us about the fourth wave to take us through the summer and get us ready for the fifth wave next autumn.

There hasn’t actually been a second wave yet, just a lot of talk, threats and stupid rules. But they’re softening us up for a third wave and no one in government gives a damn for facts or truths any more. They talk about clamping down on fake news and false fears but if the police start arresting those who are really guilty of spreading fake news and creating fear where there shouldn’t be any then a good many politicians and advisors will have to start buying soap on a rope. Genocide, crimes against humanity, malfeasance – the International Court at Le Hague will eventually be very busy.

It really is all turning into one of those B movies they used to show in the 1960s and to be honest there are moments when the outrageous absurdity of this conspiracy sometimes means that I find it difficult to see why people are still taking it seriously. How long before we are told that everyone in the world has had the coronavirus 16 times and died of covid-19 at least three times each.

I am frustrated by the lies and the media and fed up and exhausted by it all.

But I am also terrified.

And that’s what they want, of course.

They want us fed up, exhausted and terrified.

But I’m not fed up, exhausted and terrified enough not to be angry at the lies, the deceits and the arrogant, devious, uncaring murder of millions of citizens around the world.

And what else do you call it but `murder’ when people are dying from cancer, heart disease and every other serious disorder you can think of because of the indefensible lockdowns, the wicked hospital closures, the absurd mask wearing fetish and the destruction of every aspect of people’s lives.

What is it but an outrage when honest, decent citizens lose their livelihoods, their businesses for nothing: for an exaggerated scam; the most outrageous, indefensible, inexcusable fraud ever perpetrated? This one makes Bernie Madoff look like Robin Hood.

And then when those decent, honest citizens stand up to protest they are arrested for daring to speak up. We won our freedom with the Magna Carta. I doubt if there has ever been a time when the English have not been allowed to protest. Even during World War II people were allowed to speak their mind. Never, in the history of the world, has so much needless pain been imposed on so many by so few with such foul motives.

I firmly believe that in the UK the evil trio of Hancock, Whitty and Vallance are already responsible for more deaths than all the terrorists in British history. Think about it, look up the figures and I suspect you’ll agree with me. They are spiritual midgets floating on a bed of sewage. Is it unfair to bracket them with Josef Mengele? If it is then perhaps it’s only unfair to Mengele. Whitty the witless wonder worked with Bill Gates’ money in his pocket. Vallance is an ex GSK executive who still has financial links to a company I would describe as a foul disgrace to capitalism if it were not illegal to criticise drug companies. Hancock. Well, what can I say about Hancock which would not end up being an under-statement? I would describe him as a hornswoggling, taradiddling cockalorum but there is probably a hornswoggling, taradiddling cockalorum somewhere who would take offence. And now Hancock’s chum is Minister of Vaccines. What a sick, sick joke it all is.

Everywhere you look ordinary citizens are desperate to hang onto some semblance of normality.

I walked down a shopping street during lockdown and just about every small shop I passed was technically shut as they had been ordered to do.

But there were little notices on the windows telling passers-by to ring or ring the bell or knock on the door if they saw anything in the windows that they wanted to buy. `You can pick up telephone orders here’, was the standard mantra. Ashen faced, desperate shopkeepers stood by their tills waiting for a shopper to telephone or tap on the window.

`Although we appear to be closed,’ said more than one sign, `we are open for special orders and deliveries.’

And who can blame them.

One politician wants next May’s elections to be cancelled. That’s six months away. Heaven forbid that we should be allowed a soupcon of democracy

There is talk that students will be told what is in their exam papers before taking exams – to make up for the brain cells that have been killed off by their damned masks.

The UK government has bought 355 million doses of vaccine with taxpayers’ money. That’s nearly six per person. Can’t anyone count? One bloody fraud after another. The testing is a fraud. The mortality rate is a fraud. The lies about the NHS being stretched are a fraud. I doubt if there is a word that has oozed out of Westminster or Paris or Washington that isn’t a damned lie.

It’s known now that 82% of coronavirus patients had Vitamin D deficiency. Throughout the lockdowns I was encouraging people to take vitamin D supplements if they were stuck indoors. The Government has just noticed this problem. Was that through rank stupidity or was it just another deliberate ploy to help kill off the elderly? Excuse me if I assume the latter. Nothing bad that has happened has been an accident. Johnson’s government, and governments all around the world, have been practising genocide. We used to get upset when corrupt governments committed genocide. Now we’re in the middle of it. Journalists for the posh papers used to get very indignant about genocide. No more.

The WHO has warned that there may well be a doubling of world poverty and child malnutrition as a result of the lockdowns. Politicians and journalists don’t give a damn about that either. Is it irrelevant that the BBC and the Guardian and heaven knows how many others have financial links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

The United Nations has forecast that 50% of jobs will disappear. But no one cares. The media is full of doctors and celebrities taking their thirty pieces of silver, supporting the lie and aiding the conspirators. How much, I wonder, has the government paid to those doctors and celebrities who have been endorsing this fraud?

Dentists in the UK provided 19 million fewer treatments than usual between March and November 2020. Many dentists are closing because they can’t make their practices work with the utterly absurd new rules that have been introduced.

The SNP in Scotland plans to criminalise all inflammatory publications. This will mean that it will be illegal to possess a Bible or read a newspaper. Will Scotland be the first European country to introduce concentration camps or internment camps for dissidents? Scotland has banned smacking in the home – another large step towards taking the responsibility for children unto the State and away from parents.

Any scientist or doctor questioning the official lies is quickly abused and turned into a pariah. It is no comfort to say that I forecast that this would happen in a book called `Why doctors kill more than cancer’ which I wrote in 2011. Why didn’t anyone listen? Why aren’t they listening now?

They’re getting ready to trial health passports and digital financial identities and no one in the main stream media is asking why this is happening.

The UK Government says that tackling the myth of climate change will require a host of new incentives, laws, rules, bans, taxes, standards and institutional innovations. They’re planning to spend tens of billions we haven’t got on a problem that doesn’t exist but which was deliberately created by the Club of Rome in the 1990s to prepare the way for Agenda 21. They admitted that they had created global warming for this purpose.

According to BBC news there were just 394 deaths from the flu in the UK between January and August 2020. Gosh, how wonderful. How did that happen? What happened to the flu? It used to kill tens of thousands every year. Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the number of alleged deaths from covid-19 this year just about matches the number of flu deaths in a normal year.

The BBC says that modern diseases such as swine flu, SARS and ebola are caused by our having more contact with animals than used to be the case. Really? Too many budgies? Too many pet cats? It fits the Agenda 21 guidelines and that’s all that matters. Pets won’t fit into smart cities and farms are to be replaced with food making factories.

Pope Francis has blundered into politics and says that economic policies have failed and that we don’t have a right to private property. Well, screw you Pope Francis. You may be Pope but you should shut up, get on your knees and start praying for the world.

Everyone knows that suicide is rising rapidly. But the figures don’t show it because most cases of suicide are probably put down as coronavirus deaths.

We are told that covid-19 is spread by coughing and sneezing but that you can still spread it if you are asymptomatic. Precisely how would that be possible? Oh, sorry, we can get it from bank notes if we handle them in the dark. The BBC reported that the virus can survive for 28 days on bank notes. But ultra violet light is known to kill the virus.

Is the BBC a news organisation or a bigoted, prejudiced, sexist, racist, treacherous organisation employing people pretending to be journalists?

Well, it’s pretty obviously not the first of those. It’s a rest home for the brainless, the spineless, the craven, the wimpy, the wet, the simpletons and the joltheads. It’s a home for traitors in the mould of Lord Haw Haw, gutless liars who have betrayed their nation. And you can’t sue me you bastards because it’s the truth and in whatever remains of your hearts you know it.

Incidentally, one of the joys of not paying the BBC licence fee is that they send you a threatening letter every month. It’s like being in a sort of book club. Some of the letters are pretty inventive but most of them threaten that someone with big boots will soon be knocking on my door. I reckon they’ve spent hundreds of pounds sending me stupid threatening letters. If I sent threatening letters to someone every month I’d be arrested.

The BBC and ScrewYouTube are the two new fascism channels.

And here’s something else.

If your doctor prescribes a treatment for you – drugs or surgery or whatever – he or she must tell you all the possible side effects. He has to tell you everything. Full disclosure so that you can make an informed decision.

But there is one product that he or she can’t be honest about.


It is soon going to be illegal to discuss the problems associated with vaccines. Or to criticise drug companies. If may be illegal already.

If your doctor tells you that there could be problems with a vaccine he’ll be classified an anti-vaxxer and struck off the register.

There’s one thing I can tell you now.

January 2021 is going to be a dangerous month.

And, as Mark Twain might have said, the other dangerous months of 2021 will be February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

So, why am I still so angry?

I’ll tell you.

The bastards running this scam made my wife cry – and not just because the hospital department has been shut since March and she’s been in pain since then. She cries not for herself but for the children whose lives are being destroyed by this fraud – and for the elderly who have absolutely no quality of life – and who are being murdered in their thousands.

No one makes her cry and wins.

I bet you all know people who are distraught because of this fraud.

Turn your fears and your frustration into anger and help fight this war. The enemy is numbered in tens of thousands. They work at this all day long – paid by us. If we don’t fight them then 2020 will be the best year any of us will ever remember.

People often ask what they can do so here’s your simple task for today.

Go to my website or to thelightpaper.co.uk website and find PDFs of my books `Proof that masks do more harm than good’ and `Covid 19 – the Greatest Hoax in History’. Both are free. Download them. And send copies to everyone you know – including MPs and local councillors. Send off at least ten a day. Send them to local newspapers and local radio stations and local TV stations. Send them to Piers Morgan and Madge Hancock. Send them to TalkRadio which nearly saw the light. And for heaven’s sake use your real name – or at the very least something that looks like a real name. People won’t take you seriously if they receive a message from Pogostick, Pineapple head or Happy Herpes from Torquay.

I’ll be hammered and abused and lied about because I wrote them.

But I don’t give a damn any more.

For two reasons.

First, everything in those books is true. And just about everything they say about me is a damned lie.

Second, and most important, they made my wife cry.

And no one does that and gets away with it except God.

We’re going to win this war and you’re going to do everything you can to help win it because if you don’t life won’t be worth living and you won’t be able to live with yourself.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 29th 2020

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