Zapruder film removed by Youtube

Why does YT keep removing the Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination?  Look at frame 320 onwards.

It’s a bit of a surprise even after 57 years to realise that the bullet that killed JFK did not come in from the front, as they always say.

The bullet exits the front of the head.  This is best watched in slomo, but all the slomo versions on Youtube get taken down as it’s so obvious what happened.

Watch Jackie Kennedy.  The bullet flies outwards not inwards.  She fired it.

(assuming that it was her and not a double!)

Lee Harvey Oswald, the most hated man in America that day, was a patsy prepared for the assassination operation.

Miles W Mathis believes the assassinated President was also a double.   You will need to read these posts at least twice as it is so hard to take it all in.  Decide if you believe the version of events at the end, not at the beginning.

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