WW3 is not quite what we expected but we are in it nevertheless


by Fabian Ubiquitus

I think much of the problem we are having with government boils down to the fact that we have not yet reached a strong agreement or clear vision as to what it is for and what it is supposed to do.

For instance, there appear to be two disparate basic principles of government in play.

One is that the people should serve the government. This as far as I can make out is an ancient concept that goes back as far as the pharaohs and beyond. It has been the prevailing concept for millennia. For those who adhere to it, any lie or crime committed against the people is justified.

The other is that the government should serve the people. This is relatively new. It is currently at war with the above, older concept.

The first idea, is adhered to by most of our political elite, the globalists and their proxies in government. It is part of the historical roots from which their current incarnations have evolved.

The second is a complete pain in the ass for those who still think the first is the way to go.

But as the second concept has gained much support as an idea among the people, the elite have had to become less overt and more devious about their furtherance of the first idea. Often they will further the first idea whilst pretending to further the second and we see this deceit in operation right now in the actions of our government and parliament. Their PR and the outer veneer of democracy speak of the second concept, yet their ACTIONs attest to the prevalence in their thinking of the second. Thus the People, expecting one thing but finding another foisted on them, become bewildered by the unresolved contradictions.

They find themselves ruled by diktat and edict and “YOU MUSTs”, lied to and deceived without conscience and all “for their own good”. They discover that the parliament they thought was there to represent them manned by people who readily endorse the actions that subjugate them.

There is a war on and we are in it. The present and future lives of the inhabitants of this planet depends on which concept prevails.

One could say that this has been until now a prison planet. But the inmates have rustled up a prison break and the jailers and trustees are stepping in hurriedly to quell it.

Look at it another way: these two disparate philosophies are at war as the adherents of the first mobilise to try to eliminate the second now before it is too late – because if and when the second prevails, they’ve had it.

A  victory for the second idea will usher in a Golden Age for Man, for we now need to create a government fit for a great civilisation, instead of one that leaves our efforts to reach the stars hobbled, hamstrung and incapacitated.

Step back a moment and look it over: this IS World War Three.

It started when the enemy launched a surprise attack, COVID19 was our Pearl Harbour, so to speak.

But the thing about surprise attacks is that the surprise wears off, the initial stolen momentum runs out of steam, the intended target mobilises and fights back and the aggressor more often than not winds up wishing he had never started it.

The sides and the battlefield are not quite what we expected but we have awoken to find ourselves fighting WW3 nevertheless.

And we, the people, have not even BEGUN to mobilise.

When we do, we’ll win.

WW3 is not quite what we expected but we are in it nevertheless