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Will Masks and Social Distancing Be Permanent?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

The lunacy gets worse.

It was announced recently that if Britons were allowed to celebrate Christmas they would have to pay a fine of five days house arrest for every day of joyful celebration. So if you have a really good time for 5 days then you’ll be punished for 25 days. Or whatever else they consider appropriate for the Government’s plans for seasonal jolliness seem to vary by the minute as ‘Madge’ Hancock, the Minister for Porkie Pies and Vacant but Earnest Expressions, seems to be working on the principle that the more people enjoy themselves the more they must be punished.

If you want to watch an hour’s television then you have to eat up all your greens.’

And so, as far as I can make out, the Government has decided that if you want a sit-down Christmas dinner for two with fancy hats, little paper napkins with holly on them and crackers then you will both have to self-isolate for 14 days afterwards. If you want Christmas pudding as well you will have to isolate for 21 days and wear a mask out of doors as well as indoors. If you want carrots but no sprouts with your dinner or custard with the pudding, you will have to choose between the two. You can’t have both because if you did it would trigger an increase in positive testing in South Glasgow, Salford and an unnamed housing estate just to the north of Wolverhampton. If you choose the sprouts you may have to isolate for six months as a punishment for releasing toxic vapours into the atmosphere but you’ll receive a knighthood or a dame-hood in the New Year’s Honours list since knighthoods and dame-hoods are being given out quite freely this year. Those who prefer not to acknowledge their sexuality can have a British Empire Medal instead.

If three of you have Christmas dinner with SAGE stuffing and you all pull crackers then everyone in Cornwall will have to isolate for a month or two months if you don’t wear the coloured paper hats for at least an hour after pulling the crackers. If you limit yourself to no more than one parsnip per person, and don’t have any mint sauce then only half of Cornwall will have to isolate but for six weeks if they start on a Wednesday and eight weeks if they start on a Thursday.

Those who laugh more than twice on Christmas day or who have balloons and paper chains will have to go into self-isolation for a month and if anyone in East Anglia sings carols or eats more than three mince pies over the Christmas holidays then everyone in Wiltshire will have to lock themselves in the bathroom for eleven and a half days unless they live south of the M4 in which case it will be twelve and a half days locked in the spare bedroom.

Madge and her advisers are still working on the rest of the country but generally speaking those who have a jolly good time, still harbour dreams and hopes and dare to smile occasionally will be punished most severely with the worst offenders being forced to remain under house arrest until next September. Those who spend a miserable Christmas suffering from indigestion will get off quite lightly.

Next, if you find it difficult to understand why most GPs in the UK aren’t saying anything critical about the plan to jab the nation with a vaccine that some are saying couldn’t possibly have been properly tested yet, then consider this:

GPs in the UK are going to be paid £12.58 per covid vaccination and there will be two doses. GPs leaders have announced that it is their moral duty to take on this extra workload and I think we should all stand up and applaud this selfless and generous act.

The £12.58 per jab is, for some reason, bigger than the price per flu jab which is just £10.06 a time.

Of course, it all adds up nicely. You can work it out for yourself. An average sort of GP has 2,500 patients so if everyone has the vaccine that’s an income of around £25,000 for the flu jabs and £60,000 for the covid-jabs which adds up to £85,000 if my sums are any good.

And then there are all the other vaccinations – the 20 to 30 vaccinations that children have. It’s not bad really when you remember that GPs won’t actually have to give the vaccinations themselves. A nurse or care assistant will actually do the needle work. The GP does however have to check his or her bank statement every now and then.

And, of course, it’s on top of the GP’s salary which has been widely reported to be around £100,000 a year.

Mind you, health care leaders have warned that because they will be busy giving jabs our GPs won’t be able to offer the full range of care for patients in 2021.

Since many GPs have been offering phone consultations rather than actual proper consultations for much of 2020 I hate to think what 2021 will be like.

One thing is for certain, waiting lists for appointments will be longer than ever and millions of patients with genuine and urgent health problems will be left to fend for themselves. Just how many extra deaths there will be from cancer, heart disease, diabetes and so on is anybody’s guess. My own guess is that the vaccination programme will result in another 100,000 deaths in the UK. That can, of course, be added to the number of deaths already caused by the lockdowns. And that’s not counting the misery endured by the millions who need cataract operations, hip operations and the usual range of running repairs required by the owner of any ageing body.

The scary thing about all this, of course, is that temporary measures (as introduced by governments) are never temporary; they become permanent and so in our case the service provided by GPs will remain at a level which brings tears to the eyes of old fogies like me. And, of course, the lockdowns, the social distancing, the masks and the hand sanitisers will remain to remind us that we are in danger and should therefore be ever fearful. The hypoxia caused by the masks will, of course, make people ever more stupid and accepting, thereby conditioning them and preparing them to accept future tyrannies. And who sanitises the hand sanitisers standing in shop doorways?

The next scary thing is the way that information is being suppressed. ScrewYouTube took down ten of my videos yesterday and I cannot for the life of me see why – other than that the executed videos contained criticisms of the medical profession and the politicians. I’d have probably done better in China or the Soviet Union than I’m doing in the world of ScrewYouTube.

The last three they took down were called `How and why thousands of old people have been murdered’, `Killing off the sick’ and `How the Hell did we get here?’ The pathetic ScrewYouTube book burning, heel clicking Gestapo trainees also took down an interview which I did with Richie Allen within 15 minutes of it appearing – which I am claiming as a world record for censorship.

ScrewYouTube have now banned me for two weeks and it seems likely that they’ll remove the channel very soon – if they haven’t already done so. The bizarre thing is that I am being punished because of videos which were put up many months ago long before their current rules were introduced. So that’s retrospective banning. I’ve been excommunicated for ScrewYouTube crimes which didn’t exist when the videos were made. Facts and ScrewYouTube are like oil and water – they clearly just don’t mix. And justice doesn’t seem to be a concept which means much.

I think that by now I’m so unloved in Silicon Valley that if I recorded something by Beatrix Potter they’d probably take that down too. And they’d justify it by drawing attention to Agenda 21 and the belief that animals are regarded as a threat to our future.

It’s all part of the global ban on information and truth and it is this which should worry us more than anything. We have lost our democracy and our freedom and our freedom of speech is now kept largely by platforms such as Brand New Tube.

Of course, the biggest joke for ages was the news that early modelling produced by SAGE, and which helped guide the British government’s approach to the coronavirus, used Wikipedia – the disreputable site which is edited by all sorts of wierdos and freaks as well as by people with very particular political agendas to pursue.

Everyone who has criticised lockdowns, masks and so on has seen their Wikipedia page trashed in the last few months but you don’t have to take my word for it.

I’ve been reading a new book called `Essays on Free Knowledge’ by Larry Sanger.

Here’s what he has to say about Wikipedia: `Wikipedia has abandoned neutrality and is used as a tool for social manipulation’.

He’s also pointed out that Wikipedia has an undeserved popular perception of credibility.

And here’s a third quote: `In public discussion of Wikipedia corruption among the topics that come up are the CIA and other government agencies editing…’

Finally, he mentions : `the Wiki PR company which edited Wikipedia for pay on behalf of many famous and powerful people and companies…including Tony Blair.’

So, why should anyone take any notice of what Larry Sanger has to say about Wikipedia?

Well he is co-founder of the site. And I know for a fact that Wikipedia pages can be edited, corrected, sanitised and improved if you are prepared to hand over money to one of the people who describe themselves as a Wikipedia editor.

Game, set and match.

I don’t use Wikipedia for anything. It’s as bent as a paperclip and as trustworthy as Tony Blair or the BBC.

But scientists who helped prepare the advice the British government took when it was planning its response to the coronavirus used Wikipedia.

If that’s not a scandal I don’t know what is.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 23rd 2020

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