Will Life Ever Be the Same Again?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

I said that my latest book `Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good’ was available free of charge on a site called Smashwords.

When I said that, it was true.

But within an hour or two Smashwords, in an act which I regard as outrageous, unjustifiable and downright creepy censorship had removed both that book and `Old Man in a Chair’. Moreover, they had closed my account and my name had disappeared from their site completely. It was as though I no longer existed. I had become a non-person; expunged from their site in the way that Russian dissidents such as Aleksadr Solzhenitsyn were silenced and effectively erased from society in the not too distant past.

You may think that’s an exaggeration – but it isn’t. When you start silencing writers because you don’t agree with what they write then you are conspiring and collaborating with evil people. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fascism, communism or totalitarianism or some other ism – it’s still bad.

I know of no reason for Smashwords to behave in such a way. The book contained nothing but facts and details of medical and scientific papers. Deleting my books was the modern-day equivalent of old-fashioned book burning – the sort of entertainment that kept Nazis warm at night without having to bother turning on the central heating.

So, why did Smashwords remove the books? As far as I can see the books were not in breach of their guidelines and they don’t say that they are following WHO guidelines on masks and so on.

Well, my guess is that maybe someone leant on them. Someone, and we can probably all guess who, pointed out that the books contained facts and information, and that in a totalitarian society neither are allowed. I think a decent company would have stood firm, waved two fingers and, remembering the importance of a free press, told the censors to shut up and go away. And anyway, was it legal? It was my book. I gave it to those who downloaded it. And I don’t know about anyone else but the copy I had emailed to me appears to have disappeared. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe they were worried that I might be corrupted if I re-read my own book.

If we had a free media, journalists too would be shocked and disgusted and writing angry articles about unwarranted, heavy handed censorship. Smashwords would be vilified and ostracised.

But Smashwords rolled over and earned themselves a place on the dirty side of history, and it’s me who is vilified and ostracised and out in the cold. I shall never use them again and I hope you won’t. Indeed, I hope you will spread the word far and wide. In my view, Smashwords doesn’t deserve to exist and they don’t deserve to have anything to do with books which are for me an important part of life. I pity them for to me they seem to be pathetic, weak and over-obedient. They remind me of the kid in class who will sneak and snitch and do anything to be teacher’s pet. How awful to want to creep to Madge Hancock and co. I’d rather be dead than be like that.

If you feel as strongly as I do you might like to contact Smashwords and let them know your thoughts. There is, or was, a contact button on their website. Remind them that the Nazis burnt books.

The good news is that the book is now, thanks to a miracle and an angel, available on www.vernoncoleman.com. Click on the health button and you’ll see the link. It’s free, of course. And it seems that’s probably now the only place that my books on contentious topics can possibly appear. The censorship is pretty well complete.

Meanwhile, all around us the lies, the deceits and the oppression continues.

They announced with no little pride it seemed to me that the number of people who contracted the coronavirus had reached 50 million worldwide.

This was, of course in my view, yet another lie. And lies are what governments and their advisors do best these days. In the UK if you lay down all the lies told by the government they’d go round the world twice and end up on the step outside Broadcasting House where the BBC lives.

It included all the false positives (and there are more of those than real positives) and it included all the fake diagnoses – she sneezed and so she has covid-19.

But even if we allow them to get away with the claim of 50 million it isn’t all that impressive.

The 50 million global figure has been amassed in just under a year but the old-fashioned flu can affect 100 million in a single six month flu season.

And since just about every doctor not on the government payroll believes that covid-19 is no more deadly than the flu it is clear to anyone with functioning brain tissue that covid-19 is far less of a threat than the flu.

And yet despite this, countless millions are under house arrest. Tens of thousands of doctors have signed documents claiming that the lockdowns are unnecessary and will do massive harm but in the UK, the government insists on following the advice of a bunch of advisors who probably can’t spell their names without help. If there were a Nobel Prize for being wrong, Ferguson would surely deserve a dozen of them.

And I hear that some insurance companies in the UK, keen to jump on the covid bandwagon, have announced that if you go out in a car and can’t prove it was an essential journey then your insurance is invalid. That gets my award for the dirtiest, nastiest trick of the covid season.

What else has happened?

Well, the second wave has sort of arrived in exactly the same form as I predicted it would on May 8th. If there is a prize for predicting what the government will do next I shall be putting in a claim because I have been totally accurate since March 2020. I mention this not to boast, I’m too old to bother, but so that you might believe me when I tell you what’s coming next.

Oh, yes the government is now talking of giving vitamin D tablets to the elderly. They’re doing this after locking us up for much of the summer and shutting us away from sunlight. I think vitamin D supplements are essential but if they send me vitamin D tablets I’ll send them on to Madge Hancock because I know damned well that the government wants all old folk dead and I wouldn’t put it past them to lace their vitamin D tablets with a touch of arsenic or cyanide.

Didn’t you find it majestically hypocritical, by the way, when they insisted that we had to wear masks to protect granny? This was the same government which announced that old folk were to be denied medical treatment if they fell ill. The same government which allowed or encouraged hospital staff to slam DNR notices on anyone with wrinkles. I hope all those doctors who obeyed the government’s orders to let old people die have read the transcript of the Nuremburg trials where it was ruled that `I was just obeying orders’ isn’t a defence.

We know now by the way that most of the elderly people who are alleged to have died of flu-like viruses actually probably died from bacterial pneumonia which could have been treated with antibiotics.

One of the UK government’s thousands of advisors said recently they were worried that hospitals might be as busy as they were last spring. I laughed at that because hospitals in general and intensive care units in the UK were quieter last spring than they had ever been.

In America a proposed new law would give children aged 11 the right to make their own decisions about whether or not to have a vaccine. Think about that. Kids of 11 are expected to make a judgement on vaccination.

In the UK, pubs and restaurants have been given automatic permission to sell takeaway food and booze until 2022 – rather suggesting that they’re going to be shut on and off until then.

What we really need is to see more doctors standing up in public and telling the truth. We need to see lawyers taking the government to court. And we need to see schoolteachers showing some brains and guts and behaving like professionals instead of like quarter-witted poltroons.

And most of all we need to see journalists behaving like journalists and pissing on the politicians and the scientific advisors who have hijacked the world and turned us into slaves.

Or are the journalists going to wait until the dissenters are lined up against a wall and shot? Or until the weak, the elderly and the disabled are led into showers and gassed. If you think I am exaggerating then I am afraid you haven’t been paying attention.

We have to stand up for our freedoms or what sort of human beings are we?

This is the most evil regime in history. No other tyrants have ever tried to conquer the whole world in one massive misinformation coup.

Freedom means having choices and since we now have no choices we have no freedom.

Freedom means trust, honesty, honour, dignity, faith and an open media.

We have none of those things.

Freedom means democracy and a government of public employees who treat the public, their employees, with respect.

We don’t have that.

We have a government of politicians and advisers who treat us like idiots and want to hand us over to billionaires so that we can be their slaves.

That’s all true.

They know it’s true.

Any journalists with an IQ more than single figures know it’s true.

And they don’t care because they are making money out of the hoax.

They have been bought lock, stock and syringe by people who laugh at us, sneer at us and despise us.

We have to be tough.

We have to confront the collaborators.

Don’t back away from disputes with friends, relatives or neighbours.

Thanks to all those who circulate the videos and pass them on, hundreds of thousands watch these videos. We’re an army which just hasn’t been mobilised yet.

This war is the most important thing in our lives.

Fighting this war is the most important thing any of us will ever do. I have been writing books about the fascist threat to our lives for decades but things are far, far, far worse than they have ever been. And worse than I imagined they could ever become.

If we all do our bit then we will win.

Write letters containing facts about covid-19 to newspapers, magazines and radio and TV shows. There are tons of useful facts on my website www.vernoncoleman.com

Print out leaflets and distribute them.

Explain the truth to people who are collaborating.

It isn’t going to be easy.

But war is never easy.

And if we don’t win then our civilisation will come to an end – permanently. And no one will ever remember what things were like.

In a recent video I explained the scientific truth about masks – and explained precisely why they are dangerous. On the one hand the BBC, Goldman Sachs and ScrewYouTube say masks are effective and safe. And on the other hand what seems to me like virtually the entire global medical profession agrees they are useless and dangerous. I’ve coined the new word maskicidal to describe this phenomenon. Mask wearers are committing slow suicide. The health problems they are causing aren’t being put down to the masks because that isn’t allowed. Indeed, many of the health problems such as pneumonia are just being wrongly blamed on covid.

The choice about wearing a mask is ultimately yours: if you feel you are exempt you don’t have to wear one. But if you do wear a mask don’t forget to wear goggles too. I’m serious. Ophthalmologists say goggles are necessary because of the air coming up out of the mask and causing dry eyes – that’s more serious than it sounds. If I see you out and about in your swimming goggles I promise not to laugh until you’ve moved away.

Meanwhile, please go to my website and download my free book entitled `Proof That Masks Do More Harm than Good’. The book is packed with references. It hasn’t been possible yet to get paperbacks printed. But I’m still trying. Publishing isn’t just about printing, of course, it also involves marketing and distribution and all these things are becoming nigh on impossible as the censorship noose is drawn tighter and tighter. It is no exaggeration to say that I believe I am now beginning to feel what it was like to be a writer in the Soviet Union in Stalin’s day or, indeed, in China in the days of Mao Tse Tung.

Finally, my great respect to all those who are fighting this fraud: people such as Richie Allen, Peter Ebdon, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Colin Barron, Piers Corbyn, Spiro Skouras, Patrizia Opulenza, Amazing Polly, Jim Corr, Mark Devlin, David Scott and UK Column, Ice Age Farmer, and the vast armies of doctors and other health experts who have signed documents such as the Great Barrington Declaration. I signed it by the way.

And many thanks to Laura who set up a Facebook page in support of my work, though Facebook is one of many places I cannot visit because I’m banned from just about everywhere except BrandNewTube and the Richie Allen Radio Show. And thanks to Denty and Shaz. And heartfelt thanks too, to all those who have left kind and encouraging comments on these videos. I can’t possibly reply to them all I’m afraid but the encouragement is incredibly important.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 12 2020


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