(Natural News) Left-wing nut job AOC wants to “reimagine” the energy economy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to “reimagine” the global financial system. Joe Biden says he wants to “reimagine” America, and mayors of left-wing cities claim everyone should “reimagine” policing.

Why are all the most evil people in the world using the term, “reimagine?”

Because they focus grouped it, and the term “reimagine” sounds better than the truth, which is, “We’re going to ream you and take away everything and destroy your life.”

Watch out for the term “reimagine” — it means they’re about to LOOT you and destroy your liberties

When globalists say they want to reimagine the global financial system, it means they want to collapse fiat currencies and steal all your savings.

When globalists say they want to reimagine the energy economy, it means they want to outlaw combustion engines and create a global, engineered famine to make you a prisoner of government-controlled food scarcity.

When globalists say they want to reimagine borders, it means they want to destroy sovereign nations and end the United States of America.

And when globalists claim they want to reimagine the future of our world, they actually are imagining a world without you in it, because they’re all pushing for exterminating billions of human beings through a global depopulation program.

Imagine that.

Any time you hear anyone claiming you should “reimagine” something, BEWARE! They are about to suggest some way of completely screwing you over, stealing your assets, imprisoning you in your own home and ultimately eliminating you from the world.

Maybe we should reimagine a world without EVIL globalists and communists

I have a new suggestion.

How about we reimagine a world without evil globalists and Leftists, and then work together in unity to make that world a reality?

The only way humanity will ever find peace and freedom is if we defeat the globalists, socialists, communists and marxists who are trying to crush human freedom and prosperity.

That’s what I’m imagining, anyway. And if enough of us share that vision, maybe we can make it a reality.

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