What will the coming cybersecurity crisis be like?

What’s the next big game after COVID?  The World Economic Forum talk of a coming cybersecurity crisis, and a financial one.  We are all aware of a growing financial crisis, which might be met with negative interest rates, which hurt small banks, and savers.  But what will the cybersecurity crisis be about?  I’m just imagining here, but what else might it be?

Small businesses that depend on their internet connections will find they don’t work as well as they used to do.  Systems will be corrupted, will slow and  home working will become a nightmare.  Independent retailers that don’t have leased lines could find their connections cut for days at a time.  And other small operators.

Everyone’s got rid of their fax machines in favour of email.  But will email work?

People run their catalogues on websites and are not printing catalogues.  Will these websites be accessible to customers as reliably as they have been until now.

Obviously this won’t affect Amazon and big operators.  The channels will favour the websites of the corporations which will have the fastest speeds while small competitors are reduced to a crawl?

That’s all imagined.  But what else could the threat be about?  The WEF say that the financial and cybersecurity crises will be far more damaging to the economy than COVID.  It seems like a good idea to get ahead of these events if we can.  Get your old fax machine working again.  Find the catalogues you need – or get some printed if you need customers to find our products – and so on.  Or am I missing the point?

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