What Is Covid-19 For? (What’s It All About? What Do They Really Want?)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

Life is full of puzzles.

Some mysteries cannot be solved.

For example, why do supermarkets always stock the same number of custard filled doughnuts as they have of jam filled doughnuts when they must know that the jammy ones always disappear first – leaving a pile of the custard filled variety.

Store keepers must know that most people want the jam ones so why do they order equal quantities of both?

That’s a mystery to which I doubt if I will ever find a solution.

But some mysteries are more easily solved.

For example, it isn’t difficult to see what the coronavirus hoax is all about.

So, it is, of course, patently clear that the lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the closure of hospital departments, the closure of schools, the closure of businesses and the absurd restrictions on our free movement have absolutely nothing to do with a virus known to be no more deadly than the flu.

Anyone who says this in public is, of course, immediately demonised as a conspiracy theorist and bullied and libelled everywhere.

But it is clearly the truth – and it’s a truth which the establishment, those promoting the myth that covid-19 is a serious, deadly global pandemic does not want spreading.

Actually, the truth is a rare commodity these days.

The chaos that is being caused around the world is unnerving – and the greatest threat to humanity since the Black Death. The difference is that the Black Death was a natural disaster. What is happening now is contrived, artificial and being deliberately exaggerated.

And is it just me or have you noticed how much of the nonsense seems to be coming out of Imperial College in London? Bill Gates country.

We think most about what is happening in our own countries, of course, the US, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, the Middle East, UK – and so on.

But the disaster in Africa is going almost unnoticed and yet it is truly a disaster of unimaginable proportions. I forecast what would happen many months ago in one of these videos. This man-made disaster was always going to be worse than any natural disaster; worse than any tsunami, any plague or any volcanic eruption.

Expert mathematical modellers, excuse me if that phrase makes me grimace, advised the United Nations, and as a result the official forecast from the UN was that there would be up to 1.2 billion cases and 3.3 million deaths from covid-19. African countries introduced lockdowns and did all the stupid things they were told to do.

And inevitably things went terribly wrong.

Cases of malaria and tuberculosis went undiagnosed and untreated and both will now be spreading and killing millions. Maternal mortality is soaring and so, I suspect, will infant mortality. Around 10% of Africa’s population will descend into extreme poverty. The number of deaths from starvation will soar. Was that really by accident? Or could it have been part of the depopulation plan?

Proof that the chaos was avoidable comes from Malawi. The wise government there did not impose strict lockdown rules even though the prediction was 50,000 deaths. The result was that out of a population of 19 million there were just 176 covid deaths. And that is yet more proof, to add to Sweden and Japan, showing that the lockdown measures were a total disaster. Even the World Health Organization is opposed to lockdowns.

So, apart from killing people, and thereby helping to reduce the size of the world’s population, what was the point behind the covid-19 arranged hysteria and carefully orchestrated panic?

The answer, of course, is simple.

The plan was to disrupt our lives and redesign the world to suit the Agenda 21 lunatics, and to please the billionaires who are still greedy and want to be trillionaires. I believe that people like the Clintons in the US and Blair in Europe have been behind much of what’s been going on.

The plan was to alter the social fabric of every country in the world, to ruin the financial security of everyone not already a billionaire, to abolish private property, to destroy health care, to eliminate privacy and to terrorise the world into accepting a new world order. In accordance with these aims, the UK government is now going to exclude hedge fund managers and city deal makers from the quarantine rules.

They want to reinvent education – they want to stop learning and just test, test and test. For now, schools are going to be turned into prisons. Have you ever wondered why new schools and universities have such high gates and walls? It’s to keep pupils in – not to keep intruders out. In the future, education is going to be controlled through the internet. Closing schools was part of that. Teachers who voted to keep schools closed were doing precisely what the billionaires wanted them to do.

The aim was, and is, to force populations everywhere to accept mandatory vaccines – preferably an RNA/DNA vaccine. The idea was to push us into a position where the majority would be so desperate to accept an untested and possibly dangerous vaccine that they would queue up to risk their lives for a hope of some normality.

They want to control movement and stop us travelling. We soon won’t be able to travel anywhere. How much longer do aeroplanes have? They want to put an end to private cars – though they may let a few of us operate electric cars they have already threatened to cut off electricity supplies to those using electricity to power private vehicles. Trains and buses seem doomed. They want to store us in high rise towers in big cities. They want to close the countryside to us and keep rural areas empty.

Our food will be made in factories, not grown on farms for they want us to stop eating food grown the old fashioned way.

I haven’t eaten meat for over 30 years and I have campaigned for decades to stop animals being farmed for meat but I am desperately concerned about the changes being made to our diet. How safe will all this new food really be?

I have real doubts about the safety of genetically modified food but unless we grow our own food that’s what we will be forced to eat.

They want to change the way we work – with millions of jobs being handed over to robots. Those training as doctors, lawyers and teachers have a decade’s work ahead of them at best. They will all be replaced by computers and the internet.

They want us all to be dependent upon the state. With everyone receiving a fixed weekly wage – just enough to live on.

They want us vaccinated regularly – to keep us under control, to make us sicker, possibly to sterilise us and certainly to boost drug company profits.

They want us to live in tiny, poorly built apartments. They want to remove ambition and hope from our minds. They want us to learn to blame ourselves for everything that goes wrong. People who feel ashamed are easier to control.

And, more than anything perhaps, they want to reduce the world population by 90% or so. Billions are going to have to die though I have a suspicion that there aren’t going to be many politicians or billionaires lined up in the world’s morgues.

Isn’t it convenient that that lockdowns in Africa are going to kill countless millions? That will give the de-population programme a good start.

They want to introduce a global social credit, such as has been introduced in China, so that we are penalised if we misbehave and rewarded if we do as we are told. We will be penalised for what we eat, how much we spend or even who our friends are. Everything we do will be watched and assessed.

They want to crush and destroy all opposition. They want to eradicate the elderly and the sick.

They want to eradicate national sovereignty. And in Europe they have been using the European Union to do that.

They want to increase the role of the State in raising children.

Much of this has already started in the last six months.

Hospitals have been putting `Do Not Resuscitate’ notices on patients over the age of 65 – or in some places over the age of 45.

They have been planning all this for many decades.

I know that there have been plans for a one world government for centuries. I know how far back the evil can be traced.

But Agenda 21, and the immediate threat to our humanity and our survival, is more recent.

It really got going with the formation of the United Nations at the end of World War II.

Then there was the formation of the Club of Rome in 1968 and the World Economic Forum which was originally founded in 1971 and which changed into its present form in 1987.

In 1976 the United Nations quietly announced its plan to control the world’s land and to manage the world’s population.

The World Commission on Environment and Development first announced its commitment to sustainable development in 1987.

And then in 1991 the Club of Rome announced that since humans are very often best motivated by an enemy of some kind they would need a global enemy – something the citizens of every country could share.

And they chose global warming – to which they allied food shortages and water shortages. Honestly. I know it sounds far-fetched. But it’s all there.

The beauty of this was that they could blame us for it.

We could be targeted as the authors of our own downfall.

And then in June 1992, at a conference in Rio de Janerio, a total of 178 countries signed up to a plan to target global warming. The plan was put forward by an oil and mining billionaire.


That was it.

I know all about the evil people who have been trying to control the world for centuries. And I know about the current links to the Lucifarians. It seems that even the United Nations has a bizarre Lucifarian link.

But the problem we face at the moment really came to the fore in the last half a century. The bad people have been working on it since then. Global warming has been the key they have used to open up the new normal – the global reset – the new world order.

Many have been distracted by a number of problems which were built up to take our attention.

But we’re awake now.

We know what the plans are.

And we know that defeating this current plan to take over the world and eradicate our humanity will not be enough.

They want a global reset.

They want to change our lives to fit their purposes.

We have to get rid of them. We have to imprison the ringleaders and the bureaucrats who have worked on their behalf by using existing laws of malfeasance. And we have to eradicate their plans from our future.

We will win this war.

But then we have to win the peace as well. Or, like vampires, the bastards will be back.

I can’t reach people through the main stream media but you can and I think that the media are probably a weak point for us to attack. They all need readers and viewers and we’ve been letting them get away with outrageous lies and deceits for too long.

Buy yourself a pack of envelopes and as many stamps as you can afford and post off letters of protest, complaint to editors and publishers. Let them know you won’t buy or use their product again unless they change their ways. Proper letters in envelopes are far more effective than emails – though you can send emails as well. If you need addresses for newspapers and magazines take a look at a website entitled media.info which has the addresses of loads of newspapers and magazines and radio and TV stations including ones in Britain, Australia, Ireland and many other places.

Believe me, I’ve worked in the media for over 50 years and none of these people gets as many real letters as they claim to receive. Many letter pages are written in-house by journalists; magazine letter pages are often filled with letters made up by editors. Write letters to your local newspaper and local radio station. Send them letters based on information culled from the leaflets and articles on my website.

This is, quite literally, a fight to the death and we have to force the media to move in our direction. The oppression is never going to end unless we help to end it. They call us conspiracy theorists but they’re the ones running the conspiracy – and its practice not theory.

Copyright Vernon Coleman October 25th 2020

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