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US Patriots get support from One American Network as Murdoch stabs Trump in the back


When someone beats you with a landslide, you can’t just manufacture a bunch of fake votes and say – hey I won. It’s illegal, this will be over only when its over, and not one minute sooner.

Biden can pretend he won for right now if his caregivers, handlers, the communist party, and the communist party members in the fakenews msm want to give him a temporary safespace, but biden will never be president.

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      We will fight this election fraud until the end. If they steal it I am joining the resistance

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        I am not going to sit back and watch one side get special treatment from every entity we have! That is not FREEDOM! These Karen’s would have us all in a cage if they could, they want to hold on to their stupidity until a civil war breaks out, so be it! GO TIME!

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          The whole point of this exercise is to show everyone on this planet who we are as a people, as a nation, as a Democracy. Give Trump the time he needs, read my other post where I explained it.

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            Not sure how long you been alive, I knew this crap was shady back in the Bush era! So did anyone else paying attention, they are not getting away with this one! I am the most level headed person I know around here and people are ready! Like target practice, stocking ammo ready. It is a scary time. You should hear the sound of freedom popping off in the mountains up here! Folks are not happy! I have heard nothing but gunfire for three days!

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              I was born behind the iron curtain in the late sixities, and in hung.. ar y – in my first job I worked with people who were missing finger-nails. The communists tortured people by driving screws under their nails, finger by finger. Those who were missing only one nail broke early and sang like a canary, and those who were missing more than two or three killed themselves before they had a chance to heal. Trust me, when its time to start popping I have my own, I CCW everywhere. But today is not the day.

              All this happened around 1956, the revolt agains the Soviets. People who broke before or after one nail somehow managed to go on, but those who hold out for long torture and broke – could not go on, and they killed themselves for the shame.

              Nobody hates communists more than me.


                Astounding, Isn’t it? Thirty-plus years ago, before the fall of the Wall and USSR, people like yourself yearned for the Freedoms and Liberties you knew existed, just the other side of those barbed wire barriers and concrete walls that surrounded you.

                Now, as we look around us here in America, there are tens-of-thousand of stoopit, ignorant idiots here, who are clamoring to install that same Soviet serfdom and bondage you escaped from— and not just for themselves— but for all Americans!


                  During the Reagan era I was a teen, living under Soviet occupation. I emigrated in 1987, and since 1989 I live in the USA. After 2016, I listened to Trump once or twice and I looked around.. I was terrified to realized Socialism EVERYWHERE! The primordial fear of Socialism in me.. I was living on Green Card since 1989, so I started my citizenship process and last October I became a citizen, in time to VOTE FOR TRUMP! Do not even dream about stealing my first-ever vote from me LOL.

                  I learned English, I became a Linux and interner infrastructure expert, I work as a manufacturing engineer, I am now learning about politics.. expect a few industries like law or medicine there is nothing I cannot master on my own, by reading and experience.

                  I DO NOT NEED FREE TUITION AS I HAVE NO TUITION. Welcome to the Free World. So if you only vote for Bernie-like Socialist because you hate to pay what you owe – get it without owing anything to anybody. I did.

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                    Your story is awesome testimony to the Freedom and Liberty America truly stands for! My grandparents, mere peasants from the collective farms, came to America from Revolutionary Russia in the 1920’s— before it became Stalin’s USSR— because they didn’t want anything to do with true communism; they had already lived it.

                    I am second generation American, my parent’s mothers & fathers both came from Eastern Europe, Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia, and by the Grace of God, I was born here.

                    When I served in the military in the 70’s, we were killing communists. Now, we elect them to hold public office. It has become clear to me that their “socialist” rantings are really communist fascism in disguise. They care less for our Constitution and Bill of Rights though they use them to weaken and usurp our county and our traditions. The spectre of communism is alive and well inside America and it is the DemocRAT party.

                    Keep the Faith fellow American, we need all the patriots we can get these days because the youth of our county has been poisoned and brainwashed by the university Marxists and anarchists.