Trump reshuffles the judges

Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Barret and Alito have been assigned full control over the circuit courts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. This is a new development that just happened today. This marks an EXTREME escalation in the election fraud issue, and as a bonus, today it was revealed that it was indeed Trump that seized the server and his team has it.

VERY IMPORTANT: Justice Roberts, who is not considered trustworthy, cannot get in the way of the election lawsuits after these re-assignments.

This is the development of the century. It means the election lawsuits WILL be put before righteous judges.

TAP – Let’s hope he’s right.  This is from

IMPORTANT NOTE: An extremely high number (if not all) deep state trolls have changed their Twitter profile pics to black and white, including even Obama. This is a message of some sort, and it just started happening today. What for? A false flag? Or are they getting arrested? Who knows. The only certain thing with this is that it is obviously a message.