Trump has declared himself the winner

Here’s where I am at on Nov 4 –

Trump was the clear winner and they shut it down. After trying to steal the election via vote rigging and failing, they shut it down. That’s how badly the government is infiltrated by communists. They delayed Trump’s speech badly, and then when he did come on, they censored him by cutting his voice out when he said what they did. This morning, the video of his speech did get embedded into his twitter, but when you try to download it to save it, a VERY NASTY virus destroys your computer.


I am attempting to recover it, but so far it looks like it destroyed the SSD. It also made changes to the BIOS but I don’t know if it re-flashed the BIOS or not, all I know is that with the existing SSD I cannot re-install an operating system.

GO TO TRUMP’S TWITTER, WATCH THE VIDEO, AND RECORD IT WITH A CAMERA. Fortunately I got GREAT recording with a camera. But I can’t upload it because the computer that got whacked was the one that can compress the videos down so well I can post them and serve them.

At this time, I am solving problems because not only did those ****ers cancel the election after they failed to steal it, they infected his speech with a virus that will wipe out the computer of anyone who tries to download it, even with Linux.





UPDATE, TRUMP BUSTED THAT, HERE IS THE LIVE FEED OF HIM SPEAKING They censored him when he talked about vote fraud.

Trump has stated that he’s going to the supreme court to cancel the vote count for all votes produced after the poll workers went home in violation of the constitution. He said he was not going to allow votes cast at 4AM to take the election away. He questioned why, when he was obviously winning that all the key states they refused to declare it and simultaneously stopped counting ballots and closed. He then said he won the election. And he obviously did.


MY COMMENT: That is DEFINITELY true, however, this is not over until the vote fraud is counted and given up on. Hold on to your britches people, we are in for one hell of a rough ride.


Every other election was counted on election night, but THIS ONE is special, in all the key states the workers quit early and went home!!! So miracle ballots could appear by morning. EVEN THE MSM IS CALLING THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Filed later –

Here is what they are doing:

They are “counting new ballots” at an unbelievably slow pace (there’s no excuse to not get them all counted today if they could not yesterday, it is, after all, the same country we have always had) but the problem is that they have to create the fake ballots to rig the election with, so the “counting process” is painstakingly slow –


They are smart about how they are doing it, having both candidates creep upwards in the totals while Trump slowly slips behind Biden. It makes my blood boil.

Biden will “win” by a razor thin line, after all, work is work and they don’t want to write up any more ballots than they absolutely have to.


I am calling it: America is now a communist country and there’s nothing Trump can do about it, and nothing you can do about it absent civil war.

Here is the future: They are going to do nothing this winter because Trump is going to have control for too long, and they won’t get enough people killed by cutting power and food. They’ll wait until next year, and right during the first cold snap out goes the lights and then what are you going to do? Nothing but die. They will make sure for one reason or another people can’t head south, they’ll probably build the wall at a break neck pace bragging about how fast they are doing it when Trump “could not” and then, when you arrive there you’ll be trapped and shot.

Kamala and the rest of her ilk have OPENLY STATED they are going to kill white America, – their exact words: “Remove ALL Trump supporters from society”. How are they going to accomplish THAT? There’s only one way. And Deagel has it documented.


The supreme court is still corrupt and Trump will not be able to use the supreme court to put this right. The left put up NO FIGHT AT ALL to stop Barrett, they only complained enough to make people think they did not want her. They did. And Kavanaugh is not going to pull through. IF the supreme court is even willing to take the case, they’ll whitewash it and the communist revolution will be complete. EVERY communist revolution – EVERY LAST ONE – has a huge genocide. Guess who it is going to be this time.