Thousands Gather Across UK To Denounce National Lockdown [VIDEOS]

ER Editor: Zerohedge, which we admire very much, is buying into the ‘fear the pandemic’ narrative. To correct the balance, we offer three recent stories we’ve published:

Here is a video showing protest footage from London on the first night of lockdown, published through The Duran:


Thousands Gather Across UK To Denounce National Lockdown 

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England started its second covid lockdown on Thursday amid concerns of the virus pandemic’s reemergence over September and October, which has resulted in soaring hospital admissions across the country (ER: Not true to our knowledge or, at least, hospital admissions are normal for the time of year)Nearly three days into the lockdown, on Sunday, anti-lockdown protesters flooded the streets in several cities, denouncing the latest round of restrictions.

In early October, Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced a three-tier system that would restrict travel among residents in virus hot spot regions. Then, on Oct. 31, Johnson announced the second lockdown would begin on Thursday.

The new measures have been introduced to mitigate the second wave of the virus pandemic, leading to record daily caseloads in the country. People are now confined to their homes for a month except for essential travel. All non-essential businesses have been closed, along with pubs and restaurants.

Three days into the new restrictions, anti-lockdown protesters rallied in Liverpool and Manchester on Sunday, creating a stir as they scuffled with police.

A video published by the Ruptly video agency shows thousands of demonstrators marching across Liverpool, defying a ban on rallies as they chanted “Shame on you!” and “Choose your side!”

Anti-lockdown protesters were also spotted in Manchester. Again, the turnout appears to be in the thousands.

One protester held a sign that read, “Covid1984 – survival rate 99.997% – you can shove the new world order up your arse! cause we are the 99%.”

Huge crowds in Manchester despite restrictions banning rallies.

Many people were spotted without masks.

One Twitter user couldn’t spot anyone in the crowd wearing a mask.

Police are “dispersing” anti-lockdown protesters” in Central Manchester.

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The next couple of weeks will be crucial for the UK to suppress the virus pandemic. If virus daily caseloads, hospitalizations, and deaths decrease by Dec. 2, the date when lockdown restrictions are expected to lift, then restrictions will have done their jobs but will come at a severe economic cost.

Surging UK COVID-19 Cases 

If the second wave continues to rage, despite lockdowns, then there’s a possibility an extension would be seen, which would fume further demonstrations.



Thousands Gather Across UK To Denounce National Lockdown [VIDEOS]