Things Will Be Worse Than Ever

Kevin MacDonald – The Occidental Observer Nov 7, 2020 via Darkmoon

“Things will be worse than ever.”
— Kevin MacDonald

It was always obvious that each side would rejoice over a victory and gloat over others’ unhappiness, especially given the perceived stakes (absolute good vs absolute evil; cult-like behavior on both sides).
The gloaters should realize that it’s human nature. What’s obvious is that the people who are rejoicing now—whether major celebrities or garden variety Twitterers—are still spewing hatred and longing for revenge as they have for four solid years. They won’t stop. Their hatred defines them. I certainly don’t envy Trump if he has to leave office with prosecutors and others poised to attack.
Biden’s speech on Saturday evening and the celebration, in the context of consensus support of liberal-left media and even foreign leaders despite recounts and court cases looming is an attempt to make it a fait accompli, a done deal that can’t be reversed.
Imagine the intensity of hatred  if things start to go Trump’s way.

“Imagine the intensity of hatred
if things start to go Trump’s way.”

There are still a lot of legal battles before Trump or his supporters give up. But realize that if it is certified and given that the Senate could flip depending on the results in Georgia, all the consequences of a Biden presidency noted in my “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win” might happen.
The Democrat Party has become the party of corporatocracy, billionaires, and their its allies in the media who lavishly funded his campaign and did all they could to promote Biden and suppress negative stories on Biden or focus on issues that favored Trump. It will mean that the power of information monopolies in the information age—multi-billion-dollar monopolies like Google and Twitter—will go unchecked so they will be able to continue slanting searches (e.g., Google searches for Biden don’t turn up anything from Breitbart) and censoring unwelcome information (everything from Twitter to the NYTimes on Biden’s obvious corruption) in our so-called democracy.
Of course, if there’s one thing Trump should have done it’s rein in the media monopolies. It’s been discussed quite a bit but Trump did nothing more than complain about it and say he was monitoring the situation. Too late now.
Democrat victories in Georgia would mean Dem control of the Senate and all that that implies in terms of statehood for Puerto Rico and DC (likely permanent Democrat majority), packing the Supreme Court with justices that would be happy to impose criminal penalties for “hate speech” and restrict gun ownership.
Today’s gloaters are endorsing continued importing of cheap labor on behalf of the billionaire class and Dem strategists, undercutting those on the lowest steps of the economic ladder. 70 million unhappy Trump voters who firmly and reasonably believe that the election was stolen (such allegations are all over mainstream conservative media) are going to be a serious force in the years ahead if not in the very near future.
Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever. They should be careful what they wish for.
But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

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