The Watermark Story is Designed to Keep YOU on Your COUCH Waiting for Someone to Save You Instead of Fighting the Fraud! Here’s Why It’s FAKE

I am seeing this watermark agreement floating around as proof of the watermark psyop story.

The STATES do this, not the feds, and they do watermarks and other security measures EVERY election.

Here’s the agreement from 2016 for Calfornia:

[link to (secure)]

Each state has its own ballot printing regulations that must comply with federal law. You can look up your state’s ballot printing regulations easily. Yes, there are federal regulations too, but they serve as guidelines for the states. The feds don’t actually print it. If the feds wanted to do the watermarks, they would have to seek the cooperation of the very same Secretaries of State that they are accusing of fraud in this fairy tale sting.

It doesn’t work this way. They send out the paper to printers, but THE STATES contract with the printers and they are printed to their specifications.

I have decades of experience in this, I specialize in administrative law, I’ve qualified dozens of local ballot initiatives. I KNOW what I’m talking about.

HERE IS WHY THEY ARE DOING THE FAKE WATERMARK STORY: They want patriots to rest assured on their couches this weekend that the Feds are here to save us from ballot fraud, finally…while the Dems STEAL this election with not even a whimper from us because we though Q would save us.

That way, you aren’t marching in the streets, or marching down to your local election office and demanding a recount.

This way, you aren’t showing the evidence of the REAL fraud…the districts with more votes than voters, 130,000 last minute ballots all for Biden, open fraud caught on tape, ballot collection with fake postmarked stamps, ALL OF THE REAL EVIDENCE IS THERE!

But WE have to be the ones to do it!
If we don’t, it’s at least four years of hell, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, FEMA camps and the birth of the NWO.

NO ONE will do it for us!! Go to your local election office and start asking questions NOW NOW NOW!!!

Update added at request of thread participant:

Please put this in the OP. Seb Gorka has called Dr. Pieczenik a con man who is hurting Trump.

“Steve” is on my shit list for life and every Trump supporter should make sure they never share any crap he spews ever again.

Sebastian Gorka DrG
This man @StevePieczenik
is a liar.

The U.S. Constitution is clear: every State runs its own elections, including the printing of ballots.

There is no secret “sting” watermark.

Pieczenik wants attention or to sell you his book & is hurting @realDonaldTrump

He is a con man.

[link to (secure)] [link to (secure)]

Coastie Patriot found this one, and good find it is. Here’s REAL proof of voter fraud!!! [link to (secure)] This is what triggered a recount that a friend was associated with in NorCal. She won.