The Great Reset. $1.30 a mile road tax.

I was in a car showroom yesterday having my electric car serviced, and chatted with staff.  The conversation went into the costs of running electric cars, and I was shocked when the showroom manager told me that a new tax is coming in where electric cars will pay tax per mile, as they don’t get caught by fuel taxes and they need their own special tax.  This was not a total surprise as I have heard of for years that governments are considering taxing cars by the mile travelled.

But wait till you hear how much the proposed tax will be – £1 a mile ($1.30), according to the manager I spoke to.  On my mileage which costs about 3p a mile in electricity, my cost which are almost zero (£300 a year on the electric bill) will go up by something like £10,000 a year.

This is not totally a shock as well,  as the World Economic Forum, Prince Charles and all have been saying that one element of The Great Reset will be to introduce a Carbon Tax which will make car journeys so expensive that no one goes out in the car any more.  The £1 a mile would fit that description.  This is the first time I have come across an actual rate as to how this carbon tax will work in practice.

The implication is that Fuel Taxes will be jacked up at the same time, as electric cars will have to be similar in cost or people will just swap to petrol/diesel.  To get these to cost people the same about – about £1 a mile – petrol/gas prices will need to head for something in the region of £50 a gallon – or £12 a litre – a 10 X increase on the current level in the UK!

People who drive to work will find their job no longer pays and everyone will have to move to live next to their jobs.  A fifty mile commute will cost £50 instead of £5 or £10.  Many people travel 25 miles to work.  It will be mayhem, as salaries will need to go up 50%, making many small businesses no longer viable.

While this is going on, the world digital currency is said to be planned to roll out.  Rules are said to be coming as to who will be allowed to go to work involving medical certification of vaccines, tests and so on.

This Reset will not be Great exactly – but catastrophic.  Let’s rename it – The Great Deliberately Caused Right Royal Catastrophe.