Tax shock to come.

The last paragraph of today’s Sunday Times editorial gives a fairly major hint as to what is coming next as regards tax.  It’s referring to the UK, but you can bet that the policy alluded to will apply worldwide.

I quote – ‘It is an absurdity that the government has kept a freeze on fuel duty for a decade….Mr Sunak as well as talking about levelling up the regions, should this week level with people about this.’

Taken in combination with my local Nissan showroom manager telling me a per mile charge for electric cars is coming in at no less than £1 a mile, the increase in fuel prices and duties will no doubt also be eye-watering.  The World Economic Forum’ has been talking of increasing carbon tax to the point that no one goes out in their cars any more.  Well it could be nearly here.

If you add two and two together, fuel duty or the equivalent will soon be sending the cost of motoring sky rocketing.  Sunak is no doubt hoping not to be a worldwide exclusive news focus when this fuel tax policy is announced.  With the USA beached with no clear result to the election, except in the media, it could be that Britain will be the first to announce prohibitive fuel prices, as promised by Prince Sustainability Charles.

Country life will be made just about impossible, as will commuting to work.  Inflation will be jacked up on everything if fuel rises in price nearly eight times overnight.   Merry Christmas to one and all.

The COVID psyop will soon be turning into a massive financial heist, if the combination of hints as to what is coming next, that I am seeing, prove correct.

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