Someone’s scared of us


by Kieron Mcfadden

Many months ago, in the early days of this COVID19 fiasco, it because glaringly obvious the government is lying through its teeth and working a psyop against us.

At the time, I predicted that:

*  the “pandemic” would be strung out as long as possible and through fake stats and so forth be kept going as a “threat” long after any actual threat (such as it was) had passed.

*  this would be done so as to visit upon the people of our country as much inconvenience, upset, disruption and impoverishment as could be plausibly contrived.

*  it would be kept going until the people are heartily sick of the whole thing.

*  when the population are heartily sick of the whole thing, in will come Big Pharma to our “rescue” with a dodgy, improperly tested, booby-trapped vaccine. It will be portrayed as “safe”  of course. People will (they hope) allow it to be injected into themselves and their children and fellow citizens as the condition upon which this whole government-created nightmare will be over,

And so it has transpired, more or less.

This IS an attack and we had better treat it as such. If a foreign power invaded us tomorrow and portrayed it as an act of “liberation”,  for our “own good” we would have to be complete idiots and perhaps deserving of conquest to buy such obvious propaganda. So it is when they enemy happens to be burrowed like in infestation in our own government and corporate elite.

The psychotic masterminds behind this attack planned on two things that did not quite work out as they hoped:

One was that the propaganda would work and population would buy into the “mass-killing virus on the loose” scare more than they have. A lot more, the way things are going.

The second was that people would therefore (having been thoroughly hoodwinked) treat the arrival of the dodgy vaccine with relief and consider the creators of it saviors. This is becoming less likely by the day.

The slippery and vicious crew of liars and nation wreckers who have hijacked our government have indeed used false stats, false reports propaganda and spin to keep the so-called “threat” of COVID19 alive.

Although the propaganda has not worked as well as they hoped, they have nevertheless forged ahead with the game plan, ignoring the gathering groundswell of protest and virtual revolt, hoping to keep going a momentum that will override the objections. Their hope now is to get the vaccine in place and the totalitarian micro-management of the populace in place before the growing dissident movement swamps them and starts visiting upon those responsible some swift justice.

Keeping the pandemic going in the minds of the citizenry (or at least as many as can still be convinced go collaborate in their own destruction) is been used as intended, to justify continual disruption, confiscation of liberty and basic rights and suppression of national well being.

The government is in fact carrying out a kind of guerrilla operation against the people. This is done through, for instance,

*  bewildering regulations and instructions that are made up as they go along so that nobody is quite certain where they stand.

*  the government can make up the stats that justify lockdowns. As Teresa may pointed out the out the other day after the government had done just that in Parliament itself, they produce stats to justify the already-decided actions rather than actions that respond to the stats. This means they can in effect strike at random wherever they please, (and the people never quite knowing where or when) with lockdowns, shutdowns restrictions, fines, police raids and social and economic sabotage.

They have kept up this guerrilla warfare against the people for months and kept the citizenry in a state of limbo, inhibited in their efforts to create a future or make plans beyond tomorrow. You want to cave in a person or many persons? Convince them they have no future worth a nickel.

They have stated many times that, “all this will be over” when we have a vaccine. It is an implied threat: “I’ll stop hurting you as soon as you learn to obey”.

In other words, “When we present our dodgy, untested, booby trapped vaccine, accept it. Or else . . . !”

The time has come for we, the People, to respond to these attacks with an “or else” or two of our own.

It is worth remembering that if some psychotic, oppressive individual in your vicinity seeks to control you with lies, bad news, minds games, implied threats, the erosion of your self confidence and sly inhibitions of your ability to play the game of life, one thing you can be sure of is that he is afraid of you. Why else make such covert efforts to keep you down?

Someone is terrified of us.

Someone’s scared of us