Rigged election. Trump in The White House. Civil Unrest. Martial Law to follow.

It all fits.

Why would the election be rigged in such an obvious fashion that if Biden wins it can be overturned in the courts?

Everything is being aimed at creating civil unrest.

From there, there will be no delay in declaring martial law.

And democracy will be finally a thing of the past in the USA – if it ever was a thing of the present in reality.

Once the army is on the streets, the programmes can be rolled out – suppressing anyone who doesn’t carry a digital health passport.

That means vaccines, which will sterilise, shorten life and harm health.

We don’t choose the stories that get the most ‘hits’ on this blog.  Wordpress or some one selects the Top Ten posts this week.

It’s not normal that nearly every single one is about the election.  The hits ran to the point on election night that the blog almost froze, most coming from the US.

The internet traffic controllers don’t normally assist us when we are getting it right.  They always assist when we are getting it wrong.

Yes the election was rigged.  Yes it will be overturned, but not in the interest of preserving democracy, but with the aim of destroying it.