Reignite Democracy Australia. Journalist arrested three times in three hours.

Is she for real?   Or just the way the system works to let you know you have no rights any more.

If you’re really keen to see the whole story from yesterday, check it out here: We ARE taking legal action, they will NOT get away with this! If we can’t change legislation from these false arrests than this it’s all just a ‘media stunt’…we want to influence change! Morgan C Jonas and I don’t enjoy getting arrested, we are doing this in an attempt to free our beautiful country. We are attempting to highlight the corrupt government’s use of police resources to enforce political bias. The police are meant to serve and protect THE PEOPLE, not THE GOVERNMENT. Members of VicPol…the time has come for you to walk with the people! *Thank you to Xposed Promotions for their amazing photos! You’re part of the team now

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