Rebellion takes many forms

People have had enough of Johnson’s Japes.

They’re tired of Tier This and Tier That,

Of Tory pocket-filling schemes and scams.

Rebellion takes many forms.

Stage one.  Stop listening to TV, mobile phone, newspapers and radio.

Stage two.  Ignore all the bollocks.

Stage three.  Just do what you would normally do.

Stage four.  Be happy!

Johnson really is the joker in the pack.  We can live better without him and his corrupt, porn-clubbing croneys.  It’s time we played our aces and stopped listening to the droning on of the endless nonsense, coming from a bunch of lying cretins who shouldn’t be given anyone’s ear, let alone a year’s worth of the whole nation.  Selective deafness is called for.

I’m sorry, Prime Minister.  You’re uttering indistinguishable claptrap which is clearly boring you as much as anyone else, let alone the horrific suffering of your poor audience.

De facto tu es fullus de shitto.