NURSE: “COVID” was a Lie, but NOW People are “Throwing blood clots” all over and dying suddenly

I received an email from a listener to my radio show who is a nurse.   She claims that originally, the entire “COVID-19” was nowhere near the emergency it was made out to be, but NOW, young people aged 30-50 are coming into hospitals DYING and it’s from “throwing blood clots” all over their bodies: Exactly what happened to ME on October 23 . . . .

New disease?  Bio-attack?  Cull-the-herd by population control freaks?

Here is the email I received from the nurse:

“I have been working on the frontlines in acute medicine in a large northeastern hospital. When this all started I was sure it was some kind of overblown hoax or a bioweapon that didn’t turn out to be as bad as what they were trying to make us believe.

My hospital was empty despite TV news telling us that hospitals are overflowing and we all need to be in masks. I have known all along the whole thing is not what they are telling us; and have always suspected that our regular flu, respiratory failure (ARDS) patients etc are being labelled as COVID thanks to these faulty, manipulated tests. Aspiration pneumonia is common in the elderly and lots of these patients were labelled as “COVID”. That is a fact.

My conclusion was always that this is an election year deep state psy op to destroy the economy, mandate vaccines and all that NWO stuff. Clearly there has been no *real* pandemic in the way that the media portrays.

I still believe all that , but something has changed in the last two weeks. Actually, about a month ago, resources were drastically cut without us being told anything other than the usual lies and BS from management. THEN…..we are suddenly being hit hard with patients in their 30’s through 50s with *COVID* and these people are extremely ill and it is different than what we have been seeing all along with alleged “COVID” victims. They are throwing clots everywhere and that is what kills them.

Did they release a second wave? Is it a bad flu season that appears to look like what they are calling “COVID”, or is this something else completely that has no name yet. Something COMPLETELY fucky is up. Resources and supplies were disappearing before we started getting slammed with the latest batch of “COVID”.

The hospitals in this area are on their knees, staffing and resources are vanishing in conjunction with additional patients who are very ill. Too few beds, staff, equipment. Support staff and departments for nurses and doctors are being scaled back. Back in the spring and summer, nothing was happening. The ER looks like a third world zoo and the staff cannot cope. If I have to give you emergency IV meds I have to fight to get a damn IV pump and other equipment needed. We are not being stocked. It’s like the budget for supplies is gone. On top of this our regular medical patients with COPD, CHF, Kidney failure are coming in sicker and sicker because the community care they need to manage their chronic illnesses is collapsing.

I have been in healthcare 20 years and never have seen things this bad. I have no idea what is happening. I can only tell you what I am seeing and it is giving me a bad feeling. Hospital administration is NEVER honest with nurses and doctors and is refusing to talk to us and answer questions or hear our concerns as per usual. Any requests for help or whistleblowing on unsafe patient conditions within the hospital gets labelled as “bad attitude”.

This is precisely what happened to me on October 23. I awoke at 4:30 AM with severe chest pains.  I recall saying to myself “This can’t be happening, I had quadruple bypass surgery for clogged heart arteries 17 months ago.  In fact, it was just about four days earlier that my cardiologist told me a CT-A scan of my chest showed everything inside with my heart and lungs was NORMAL!

I went to hospital and was found to be in Myocardial infarction AGAIN.  Two of the four heart bypasses DEVELOPED BLOOD CLOTS and one of those bypasses (the one that feeds my left circumflex artery) was 100% blocked by blood clots.  NO FLOW.  That was the culprit causing my trouble on OCtober 23, which was a second heart attack.

Left with no choice, Doctors went into my natural left circumflex artery, the one that had been bypassed 17 months earlier because it was clogged (with plaque), and inserted STENT to force it open, thus saving my life.  When I say saving my life, I mean it; I was DYING in that catheterization lab while they were doing the procedure.  I KNEW I was dying.  No joke.  It was the first and only time in my life I felt death approaching and it is a very discernible thing.  YOU KNOW you’re dying.

Now, I hear from this nurse that they are being swamped with dozens of “young people” who are “throwing clots all over the place” and dying.

“Throwing clots”  — just like I did.  Without any reason at all, a sudden burst of blood clots takes place inside and clogs something: Heart artery, lung, brain . . . and next thing you know, the person is DEAD.

Incidentally, the hospital I was in performed a COVID test on me that day and the test came back negative.

But interestingly, my White Blood Cell Count was elevated.   In a normal person, WBC count is around 4,000-11,000.  Mine was 17,490 on 10/23/2020 indicating my body was fighting off . . .  something.  But it wasn’t a major something . . . if it was major, the WBC count would have been around 22,000.  Mine was about 17,000, so it was . . . . not a big deal. The next day, my WBC count dropped to 15,760 and my final day in hospital, it dropped to 11,440. So whatever my body was fighting off, was gone and my WBC count was returning rapidly to normal.  I don’t know what it was or if it was related to the clotting, my guess is not related, but I offer this as incidental info because I happen to know the facts from the test results that day.

So what is it that’s causing people to suddenly – and without warning – develop so many blood clots that they’re DYING from it?

We are not being told the facts by our government public servants.

Moreover, since some of these people are rabid population control freaks, what we may have here is an effort by these maniacs to literally “cull-the-herd” and slaughter-off a couple billion people worldwide for their twisted belief in saving the planet.

I don’t know what it is that we’re facing yet, but I can tell you this, it hit me suddenly, without warning. I — me personally — was within minutes of being dead, and it is NOT “COVID.”


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