No more masks being worn in China

Our friend from China who lives in the UK but his family are in China, tells us that no one is wearing masks there any more.

The virus is not mentioned much either.

Friends in the Philippines say that the virus has been ‘contained’ according to the media, and things are gradually freeing up.

In China it’s winter time so this is an amazing version of Coronavirus to be able to be virulent (allegedly) all summer, yet disappear as soon as winter bites.  Normally it should be the other way around.

“Covid cases stabilize”  says the main headline of The Manila Times newspaper today.  That’s despite Typhoon Ulysses devastating Manila, the complete abandonment of social distancing and little mask wearing.  Many famous people are now packing up wearing masks in public, and judges are no longer wearing them, for example.

TAP – If the virus can’t make headway during a total collapse of all the countermeasures, those countermeasures are clearly useless.

This from a lawyer in Manila today – Just attended a trial this morning at rtc-pasay and the judge was Not wearing a mask.

There was a large sign at the door of the courtroom “NO MASK NO FACESHIELD NO ENTRY”.

Everyone inside was wearing a mask and shield.

The courtroom was divided by large plexi glass barriers with a microphone for lawyers to speak snd keep distance from the bench.