‘No Evidence’ of Coronavirus Found on London Tubes and Buses Teeming with People

ER Editor: We’re not sure of the point of this story, with players like Imperial College (home of the infamous, very wrong, doom-and-gloom merchant Neil Ferguson) and Sadiq Khan (globalist mayor of London) behind it.

Is it the result of a fear campaign that’s been too successful such that many fewer people are using London public transport than the govt would like?

Is it proof of a government ‘caring’ by disinfecting so much that it’s all ‘healthy’?

None of which makes any sense because the teeming masses that use public transport every day, such as the Underground, will put out many bacteria and viruses daily before it can get a thorough cleaning at night, if indeed such is the case. And given the much-publicized evidence that masks don’t work for miniscule virus particles …

On face value it provokes the question, why the second lockdown if so many people can safely co-exist when packed like sardines for perhaps up to 30 minutes at a time on long journeys?

We need to remember Prof. Sir Roy Anderson’s very own words below, that in general ‘surface contact is not the main issue’ for the transmission of Covid-19.’ That leaves us reassured that cash cannot be accused of carrying anything too harmful.


‘No evidence’ of coronavirus found on Tubes and buses


Experts checking the Tube and buses for Covid-19 have found no evidence of the virus.

Imperial College has been carrying out monthly tests on London transport for coronavirus in the air and in common areas touched by passengers. The testing, done on behalf of TfL, used machines able to draw in 300 litres of air every minute to check air quality on public transport and in stations. Swabs were also taken from ticket machines, barriers and hand rails, and no Covid-19 was found.

Experts have been carrying out monthly tests on London transport for Covid-19 in the air and in common areas touched by passengers (Picture: PA / @RodolfoAngelel1 / Twitter)

Lilli Matson, TfL’s chief health, safety and environment officer, said: ‘The range of measures in place across London’s transport network to ensure it is cleaner and safer than ever is huge.

‘We have been using hospital-grade cleaning fluids, installed hand sanitiser points across the network and changed cleaning schedules to ensure that stations are cleaned even more regularly.

‘We want to reassure customers who need to use the network that we are doing everything we can to keep the network safe, and this testing will help ensure we continue to do so.’

The results are used to ensure regular cleaning with anti-viral fluid of areas considered ‘of greater risk’.

Testing was carried out in Waterloo and Euston stations and on the Northern line and on selected bus routes, the same in previous months.

Professor Sir Roy Anderson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College, who was not involved in the research, said that in general ‘surface contact is not the main issue’ for the transmission of Covid-19. He told the Evening Standard: ‘The main issue is our behaviour as individuals and groups. Outdoors, the likelihood of transmission is much less than in enclosed spaces. These particles are airborne. That is the bit that is most important.

‘Contaminated surfaces, of course you have got to pay attention to. My own view is that it is more aerosol-related transmission – inhaling those droplets or micro-droplets.’


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