“Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF

Ice Age Farmer – Nov 14, 2020

Jeremy Jurgens, WEF Managing Director:
“I believe that there will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we’ve seen with COVID. The impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant.”

Klaus Schwab:
“We all know, but still pay insufficient attention, to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack could bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyberattack.

To use the COVID19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons the cybersecurity community can draw and improve our unpreparedness for a potential cyber-pandemic.”

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“Next Crisis Bigger than COVID” – Power Grid/Finance Down – WEF