Manitoba Gives Health Commissars Draconian Powers

November 26, 2020


(left, globalist traitor, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister took licence plates of anti-mask demonstrators and sent them fines. )
SPH, a Winnipegger, analyzes changes in legislation which
give health officials Gestapo-like powers. 
Provincial fines for individuals breaking COVID-19 health orders 
are set at $1,296, while fines for businesses are up to $5,000.
New law allows them to order you to relinquish your home or business for the purposes of a quarantine facility, order you to be immunized/vaccinated, or vaccinate your children without your consent.
by SPH
On April 15th, 2020, the Manitoba provincial government put extraordinary powers into the hands of Brent Rousin, the chief public health officer.
It repealed a law 67(3) that required the health officer to get approval from the provincial health minister before he could employ special emergency measures.
Since we now know that there is very little threat from this virus, (less than 1% mortality) and it’s really only killing people who are either very old or very sick, the reasonable next step would be to go back to the way things were before these unnecessary precautions were implemented, which have ultimately done far more harm than good.
But since protecting our health is not what our elected officials have in mind, as they have sold themselves and us out to the satanic elite, instead they have made visiting your neighbors illegal.
Other surprising emergency powers include clause 67(2): authority to order you to relinquish your home or business for the purposes of a quarantine facility, or if you are deemed to be “not protected against a communicable disease,” order you to be immunized/vaccinated, or to refrain from working until “the risk of infection no longer exists.
 If a person is merely suspected of being exposed to a communicable disease, available measures include medical exam/testing, treatment, immunization, isolation, and quarantine. 43(2).
If a person refuses any of the recommended measures of the health officer, article 47(1) allows for the application to justice for the apprehension of the person.  So you can say no to the vaccine, (the health act allows for that; article 97) but doing so can result in your incarceration.


But forget the judge, under the current state of emergency, 53(1) the medical officer can order the apprehension and detainment of a person for not complying with the order, which includes the refusal to provide identifying information about yourself. That act alone is considered non-compliance, 53(2).  (papers, please!)
Failure to comply with a specified health order can result in up to a 90-day detainment, 49(5).  That amount of time can be extended by 90 more days, 50(1).  And in the end, by article 50(2) and (3) the medical officer can extend the detention by additional 90 day periods indefinitely.
But wait, there’s more.  Article 46. Examination of persons in school, etc.  46(1) “a medical officer may examine any pupil, patient or resident.”  And then THIS!; 46(2) An examination may take place without the consent of the person being examined.”  That includes your children!
And how about this startling change to regulations regarding the vaccination of children?  
57(4) “If the patient is a child,” vaccine benefit and risk information “must be given to the child’s parent or guardian if the child (a) is under 16 years of age, UNLESS the health professional … believes the child is able to understand…the information and… the consequences.” (emphasis added).
Scary too is that these orders can be carried out, or “directed to any person.”  Although the specific mention of peace officers in Manitoba is included, everywhere that order direction is mentioned, the Act states the orders of detainment and apprehension can be directed to persons other than the police. 47(5), 53(4), 60(3), 6(4).  (Soldiers for hire, or international peacekeepers?)


(Manitoba Medical Commissar Brent Roussin) 
Older versions of the act were much more limiting. “The chief public health officer may not delegate a power or authority under this Part except to a medical officer, or to a director who is a physician.” (the Public Health Act 2009-12 regarding emergency) Why the change?
And under the current state of emergency, 83 (6)(a) “A medical officer…may enter and inspect any premises… at any time and without a warrant.”  That’s a quote right from the act!!
He can also “detain any vehicle, trailer, train, airplane, or boat…” 86(1)(b) or “require any person to provide information or produce any document or record”86(1)(f).   This is the position of health officer we are talking about!
 Slowly and imperceptibly the framework of the new world order has been constructed at the local level (Agenda 21.) 
Expect things to worsen.  If you have felt powerless you are not alone. But our strength lies in our numbers. To remain silent now will mean certain destruction.  
If your instincts tell you there is something wrong with the current situation, you are correct! 
Stop listening to the news and listen to your heart.  Speak the truth, though the masking wearing fools will hate you for it.  Tell as many people as you can that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was intended to prevent infringement of fundamental freedoms, INCLUDING FROM THE GOVERNMENT!  The time to speak up is now!!
SPH adds: I just heard from someone I spoke to in Elie Manitoba, that the security guards at Walmart are handing out fines. A friend of his had pulled his mask down when his glasses had fogged up and was issued a $1,300 fine for doing so, from the store security guard.
—————–  Manitoban asked to inform on their neighbors – Snitch line