LONDON OUTRAGE! Massive Police Brutality Recorded with Attacks Against Peaceful Protesters Over COVID Restrictions

London Police seemed to just randomly start pulling people out of the crowd and assaulting peaceful protesters in London on Saturday. Image Source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The citizens of London were strictly ordered NOT to protest outdoors on Saturday, November 28, 2020.

Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, disobeyed their government and took to the streets in peaceful protests over new COVID restrictions. (The “official” corporate media report is that “300-400” turned out to protest. Watch the video below to see for yourself.)

And the police responded. They ganged up and assaulted women, old men, and others.

The corporate media is reporting “over 60” were arrested, but other reports state “hundreds” were arrested.

Their crime? Walking in parks and on public streets. That’s it.

Words cannot describe what I have seen in recordings filmed during the protests in London earlier today and posted on Social Media.

I grabbed as many of these video clips as I could as Twitter seemed to be deleting them as fast as I was downloading them.

Watch for yourself:

How much longer will the people put up with this before they start fighting back?

London Protests November 28, 2020. Captured from Twitter.

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20 Responses to “LONDON OUTRAGE! Massive Police Brutality Recorded with Attacks Against Peaceful Protesters Over COVID Restrictions”

  1. Mick says:

    This is the third still out of three stills taken from demo footage I’ve seen in which the police have pulled women from the crowd. Is this policy for some reason?

  2. archer says:

    I’d like to join in however not sure I’d be able to control myself watching the wanton violence and thuggery displayed by those disgraceful morons in uniform.

    Well done to the lad that got away!

  3. Mr Dude says:

    For now anyway ; )

  4. Tapestry says:

    Why target police officers who are dumb animals carrying out orders they probably don’t believe in? Apart from the psychopathic versions, who deserve all they get in response to their own violence. Peaceful policing should be the way of dealing with peaceful demonstrations, not aggression. The politicians vote for the Acts like the Coronavirus Act. They are the real aggressors. Take it out on them.

    • archer says:

      Mr Dude is a man after my own heart.

      Tap, you’re right in that it’s the politicians who are to blame, but plod are just as complicit and there should be no let for them.

  5. Alan Vaughn says:

    None of the violence or even protests would be necessary if only EVERYONE simply refused to comply with all of the Covid19 hoax’s unconstitutional (and illegal) mandates.
    The whole evil agenda would have collapsed months ago if the obedient masked zombies had used what appears to have been chased out of them by rampant MSM fear mongering: their common sense. Perhaps most of them never had any to begin with, thanks to the UN’s mass indoctrination program being run for the past 30 years.
    The humanity loathing ‘Great Reset’ oligarchy relied on that knowledge for the success of this despicable plan.
    Its not too late:
    Even now, we can still win this war being waged against us if everyone simply refused to obey No protest marches or violence needed. Just out right refusal to comply. by EVERYONE, but it seems the masked collaborators enjoy their servitude and expect the rest of us to embrace it too…

  6. Tapestry says:

    The activist wants to win against the police. How? The government is trying to trigger reprisals against the Police. The street won’t win anything. The main battle will be military. The Police are under EU command and are not part of Brexit, or even Britain.

    • sovereigntea says:

      I agree this is a psychological war. The usurping PTB need to be defeated on that basis. Nevertheless many police collaborators cherish their pensions and early retirement most of all. A protest provides a perfect meet and greet opportunity for the public to influence plod and remind them that their pensions will be worth sweet FA should the economy tank at their masters bidding.

      Reminding them of the “Trower Report” on TETRA and how the information was hidden from them by the chain of command and police union would also undermine confidence in their commanders.

  7. Aldous says:

    I think we may be dealing with ‘crisis actors’ here regarding the “And the police responded. They ganged up and assaulted women, old men, and others.”

    Remember Sandy Hook? (0.26)

    The woman in the top image is certainly a crisis actor imho. She is almost smiling and in no distress whatsoever – almost enjoying it.
    TPTB clearly want to trigger a backlash against the police and if they don’t get one then TPTB’s spooks will target the police themselves – and in good measure.

    Remember Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence) Square, Ukraine? Snipers (probably from you know where) were brought in to kill and injure cops and demonstrators alike.
    I think that’s the most likely scenario in European capitals and elsewhere.

  8. Aldous says:

    Having analysed that photo (top image) mentioned earlier, I can’t help but wonder if she’s a typical antifa supporter/employee with the shaved right side of her head trying to make a statement.
    It could even pass for a tranny.

  9. Aldous says:

    The pinstripe trousers she’s wearing seem to be making a statement as well come to think of it.
    I don’t know any woman who would wear those.
    Staged photo for sure.

  10. archer says:

    A bit harsh, Aldous…

  11. Aldous says:

    Also, the guy holding her is an inspector. What’s he doing in amongst that lot?
    And what’s with the red baseball cap and all the red in the photo?

  12. Aldous says:

    I think #UNMASK THE TRUTH image is suspect as well.
    There is significant RED in that image which doesn’t look at all right – the guy to the left (our right) of placard holder for instance. What is that strange red band (supposed to represent) on the right shoulder of the guy with the creepy look?
    The image looks fake – and the whistles may be a clue.

  13. Aldous says:

    Can anyone out there let me and others know what the red baseball cap and red flashes on the arresting (crisis actor) face-diapered cop(sic) signify?

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