Lin Wood bombshell: Georgia local election officials told to report original counts, not recount totals

Carl Durrek – Nov 18, 2020

Local election officials were instructed to report original vote totals, not recount totals, by the state of Georgia according to a report by attorney Lin Wood. He claims to have irrefutable evidence to prove this was the case.


There is only one viable explanation for this: A coverup of rampant and incontrovertible voter fraud. Let’s assume that the voter fraud that occurred in Georgia was largely through technological means. Dominion Voting Systems, which has a $100,000,000 contract with the state, is responsible for tabulating and reporting the vote totals. If there was manipulation of those totals, a recount of paper ballots would discover this fraud easily.

But that didn’t happen. The totals were conspicuously aligned with the original vote totals. That would appear to indicate that there was not digital fraud that happened. In other words, there’s nothing to see here if the hand recounts matched closely with reported totals.

If Wood is correct and can prove it, then this may be the biggest election fraud story in the nation’s history. It would mean that not only was there massive amounts of voter fraud on election night and beyond, but those who perpetrated it are now covering it up by not reporting the actual recount numbers. If those numbers don’t jibe with the originally reported numbers, this is a scandal for the ages.

As Wood noted, it would be corruption to the point of criminality. That’s important to keep in mind because it would mean that those who are in charge of the situation were either directly involved in the fraud or they’re protecting people who are. Either way, what Wood will reveal, hopefully soon, could lead to criminal investigations, arrests, charges, and convictions.

If the true recount totals are very different from reported ones, this is more than just a case of massive voter fraud. It’s a coverup that extends throughout Georgia’s government. We will impatiently await Lin Wood’s next move on this smoking gun.

Update: Wood has filed suit:




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