How to Treat Patients Suffering from “Microwave Sickness” and Electrosensitivity (Free Webinar)

By B.N. Frank

Last year, the World Health Organization warned that exposure to high levels of Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) could cause health issues in a significant percentage of the population. Electrosmog sources include anything emitting wireless radiation – activity trackers, Apple Airpods, cell phones, cell towers, utility “Smart” Meters, WiFi routers, and much more. Unfortunately, many health care professionals aren’t considering Electrosmog exposure when diagnosing and treating patients.

A free webinar is available for those wanting to learn how. From Environmental Health Trust:

Webinar on EHS for Health Practitioners

December 3rd at 5-6 PM Pacific time

“Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms, the Scientific Evidence, and Patient Cases with LIVE Q & A Virtual Grand Rounds: Electromagnetic Fields Exposure & Associated Illness.”   

Featured speakers are Stephanie McCarter, MD, a physician with the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, and Magda Havas, PhD, an environmental toxicologist, and professor emeriti at Trent University in Ontario, Canada. These two EMF experts will discuss best patient management practices for treating patients who are electrosensitive and the role creating a healthy environment plays in recovering and staying well.“ A live question and answer session will follow. Space is limited.

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Research has determined that exposure to wireless radiation can:

Exposure can affect animals too!

If your health care provider isn’t considering any of this, maybe it’s time to find one who will.

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