How the Chinese Communist Party and Western tech globalists sold the world a lockdown

China and the ‘Great Reset’
Aya Velázquez

Aya Velázquez

How the Chinese Communist Party and Western tech globalists sold the world a lockdown

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Berlin, November 18, 2020 | by Aya Velázquez

From 20.-24. January 2020 the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF) met in Davos. At the same time, on January 23, China imposed the first lockdown in human history and the global avalanche of coronavirus reporting began. Only a few days later, WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised China’s path as “pointing the way”. In the months to come, almost every country in the world copied China. Meanwhile, Klaus Schwab, Chairman of the WEF, was pleased about the unique opportunity for a “Great Reset”, which he conjured out of his pocket in Davos in front of the world public at the beginning of June. Every additional day of lockdown brings big tech, big pharma and big money incredible profits. About coincidences and convergence of interests in the 21st century.

March 6th, 2020, Wuhan. “Fake, Fake, it’s all fake!” It echoes shrill from where l kenkratzern in Wuhan, when the Chinese Vice President Sun Chunlan together makes her delegation from Beijing, a picture of the situation in the dangerous infected area. The scenery seems ghostly: dystopian apocalyptic mood, deserted streets in the middle of gray apartment blocks, only the circle of inner cadres of Xi Jinping moves forward with petrified faces. Urgent shouts of the imprisoned citizens of Wuhan tear the silence: “Fake!” They shout, “We protest!” And “Formalism”, roughly translated as “Symbol politics!” (1).

Wuhan was the world’s first locked megacity; 19 million people were locked in their homes for five weeks. In the Hubei metropolitan area, a partial lockdown was imposed on 57 million people 2). The people of Wuhan weren’t thrilled; The promised state aid to the neighbors had often not materialized. The images of people calling desperately from their skyscraper windows were even broadcast via Chinese state media, presumably to maintain the discourse sovereignty over the event (3). The Guardian also reported (4).

However, other videos from Wuhan went viral on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – mind you, US platforms that are banned in China (5). The world was amazed at the allegedly leaked video of a “Falling Man”, a state official suddenly collapsing in the open street – allegedly the result of acute corona pneumonia (6). Evil tongues complained, of course, that he had caught himself remarkably well with his hands. In another video, a man gets out of a car and takes off his mask. Immediately a special unit rushes on him, puts a butterfly net over his head from behind and leads him away in handcuffs (7). A troop with protective suits rushes up diligently and disinfects the place where he stood.

Videos from Chinese state media such as CCTV also go viral, in which fully armored cleaners and disinfection vehicles scour inner cities (8).

Who ensured that such perfectly orchestrated images from the Wuhan epidemic were seen and shared millions of times on Western social media platforms? Who was the use of the global panic of the corona killer virus, as well as the narrative of a successful Chinese pandemic fight through a hard lockdown unprecedented in medical history – while foreign journalists were expelled from the country as early as February? (9)

China’s “Information Operation”

When almost all countries in the world imposed domino-like lockdowns, the American lawyer and investigative journalist Michael P. Senger from Atlanta began to prick up his ears at the beginning of March. He wondered why even desperately poor countries that had almost no Covid cases and were hardly affected with a low average age were implementing the Chinese lockdown model almost like a template – despite the fact that collapsing supply chains and curfews inevitably hundreds of millions of people worldwide would bring them to the brink of starvation.

After extensive research, Senger concluded that we were dealing with a large-scale “information operation,” an information war by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Senger’s solid insights into the activities of the CCP form the basis for this article and, in my opinion, represent the missing piece of the puzzle without which the current situation of the global community cannot be understood. Senger’s main thesis in his very readable article “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda” is that lockdowns are not evidence-based, but Chinese state propaganda in the sense of a flu d’état– a coup d’état based on a virus, through the export of harmful, pseudoscientific measures (10). The burden of proof that he provides for this is overwhelming. On his Twitter account (@michaelpsenger) he documents hundreds of reputable publications, all of which plausibly suggest a geostrategically motivated CCP fake. In a thread entitled “Open letter to Xi Jinping”, Senger found 70 “fakes” with which China operated to promote its global pandemic management, including “fake pandemic response, fake infection data, fake hospitals, fake WHO reports, fake WHO representatives, fake humanism, fake whistleblower ” to name just a few items on the impressive list (11). In Sengers eyes comes it“Fake social media accounts” , commonly called “bots”, play a central role.

Bots are fake accounts on social media. These are often generated by algorithms, but a growing number also by real people in poor or totalitarian countries who are paid for propaganda comments in the interests of their clients. At the beginning of May, the US State Department notified the social media platform Twitter of the greatly increased activity of Chinese bot networks and asked to delete 250,000 fake accounts that served as an echo chamber for CCP propaganda and disinformation. Twitter refused to close the accounts in question, quickly claiming no evidence of propaganda activity, but will continue to monitor the network’s activities. Twitter is in a dilemma: When the group conducted its own investigations into bot activities in 2018, immediately fell the stock price. There may be other reasons for deliberately looking the other way: Twitter is one of the digital corporations that financially benefit from each subsequent day of lockdown. Only after the topic made major waves in the media did Twitter step in and delete around 200,000 fake accounts – a tip of the iceberg (12).

Studies show that the Chinese Communist Party has the largest Internet troll army in the world; As early as 2013, estimates were based on 500,000 to two million real people commissioned with the targeted manipulation of social media platforms at home and abroad (13). Its nickname is 50 Cent Army, as commentators are said to receive 50 cents (5 yuan) per post (14). Before Corona, the focus of this gigantic digital mercenary army was primarily on domestic activities; since Corona they have been active on foreign platforms to an unprecedented extent (15). The CCP has a hybrid structure of digital and human bots. The advantage of humane bots – real people who write online comments – is that they cannot be detected by algorithms at this point in time. While computer-generated bots can be detected by the system’s own AI, manually managed bots can only be found using network analyzes by social media analysts. If there is one thing in China, it ismanpower, people. With hundreds of millions of posts in the order of magnitude, opinion-forming processes can be managed effectively and predictably in all countries of the world (16).

When Italy was the first country in Europe to break out – we remember the pictures from Bergamo – China immediately stood by with words and deeds – and flooded the country not only with ventilators, masks and disinfectants, but also hundreds of thousands of social media posts with heartwarming ones Hashtags like #forzaCinaeItalia (#voranChinaundItalien) and #grazieCina (#dankeChina). According to Italian digital media analysts, up to 46.3% of all Twitter posts with these hashtags came from bots in mid-March (17).

The collective awareness that social media will be teeming with bots from a wide variety of interest groups in 2020 is still relatively low in both Europe and the USA. Many may have heard before that Russian bots and Cambridge Analytica had a major impact on the penultimate US election campaign, but hardly anyone can imagine the actual proportion of bots in our social media. Politicians and the media are also poorly informed about the phenomenon and are therefore easily victims of intelligence operations. Chinese bot armies operate on the principle of Pavlovian conditioning, rewarding and punishing (18). In numerous comments on accounts appearing out of nowhere in the spring of 2020, numerous Western politicians such as Boris Johnson, or the governments of the US, Sweden and all others who advocate herd immunity are morally pressured by the Chinese state media and their virtual echo chambers; “The economy” is more important to them than protecting their own population (19).

On the other hand, China’s successful course in the pandemic is praised. In August, when almost the entire world was in a forced lockdown shock, videos of boisterous mass pool parties in Wuhan suddenly caused renewed astonishment worldwide. A search for “Wuhan Pool Party” results in thousands of entries on YouTube. Images that achieved an unbelievable reach and now almost scandalous for Western social distancing disciples (20). However, on closer inspection, these images also fit seamlessly into a finely woven narrative of cultural superiority:

Look here, we’re celebrating again!

The core message of the CCP propaganda is always the same: China is the only country in the world to have mastered the pandemic perfectly.

The Chinese system is superior. Anyone who doesn’t do it like China is inhuman. With a short but tough lockdown, quarantine, disinfection of inner cities, social distancing, comprehensive PCR tests, rigorous contact tracking and total surveillance of all citizens, face recognition, quick tests and temperature measurement at all entrances to public buildings, a “containment” and “zero-covid” could be achieved. , that is, a complete containment of the corona virus. Governments and politicians who instead rely on infection or herd immunity are amoral, close to eugenics and responsible for thousands of avoidable deaths (21).

The calculation of psychological warfare on this scale is as simple as it is captivating: If you get other countries to crash their economies through lengthy lockdowns, you can buy up products, companies, industries and entire infrastructures there; grow itself and let others shrink – and all without direct bloodshed. At the same time, you can present yourself as morally superior and export your own cultural values ​​to the world. In mid-November 2020, most of the world’s countries are deeply in recession after months of lockdowns, while China is enjoying a growth record of 4.9% (22).

Questions that arise with all this: Are our secret services sleeping? The participants in the pandemic simulation “Event 201” on September 18, 2019 in New York – the Gates Foundation, the WEF, the disease protection authorities of the USA and China, the Chinese government, big money, big pharma, big data – have since become one mysterious community of interests and fate merged? (23) Why did even Western investment moguls advertise a lockdown in early March? (24) How far does the arm of the Chinese Communist Party now extend into institutions such as the WHO or the WEF – and vice versa?

Xi’s global China Club – China friends big and small

From Davos to Silicon Valley, CEOs, managers and transhumanists are now praising the efficiency and precision of the Chinese system. The Chinese Communist Party has been expanding its institutional influence in the western world for decades. She now has the right friends and supporters in the right places.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, China’s speaking doll in the WHO

In the corona crisis, the WHO acts like a kind of shadow world government and instrument of the lockdown reset apologists by enforcing the agreed pandemic plans through the health authorities of the individual countries. The dictatorship-proven WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus owes his position as WHO director to the voting weight of China (25). One hand washes the other: on January 30, 2020, just six days after the lockdown imposed in Wuhan, he praised China’s lockdown and crisis management in the highest tones – at a time when it was not yet possible to empirically assess whether it was really working :

“Without the government’s efforts and the progress they have made in protecting their own people and the people of the world, we would have seen many more cases outside of China by now – and probably deaths as well. The speed at which China discovered the outbreak, isolated the virus, sequenced the genome and shared it with WHO and the world is very impressive and indescribable. This also applies to China’s commitment to transparency and the support of other countries. In many ways, China is actually setting a new standard for responding to outbreaks. This is not an exaggeration. ” (26)

Ghebreyesus made this statement as a senior official of the WHO, but it reads like free propaganda for Xi – and other old friends.

Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

One of the most powerful friends of China in the west is Klaus Schwab, who has been chairman and founder of the annual elite coffee party “World Economic Forum” (WEF) in Davos for more than 30 years, and which has had close ties with the communist central government in Beijing and Chinese for more than 30 years Universities. Schwab is an avowed transhumanist and China fanboy. Chinese officials have been attending the forum since 2009: then Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in 2009, Li Keqiang as Deputy Prime Minister in 2010, and Prime Minister in 2015. Hundreds of Chinese entrepreneurs cavort on the forums, including heavyweights like Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba or Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei. Xi Jinping first appeared at the 2017 WEF summit.“In a world characterized by great uncertainty and volatility, the international community is looking to China.” Statesmanlike and completely under the sign of mutual rapprochement, Xi then opened his speech with the Charles Dickens quote: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. ‘, based on the world after the First Industrial Revolution. According to Xi, we now also live in a world of contrasts – the once globalist USA is withdrawing into protectionism, whereas “China’s doors are wide open” (27).

Klaus Schwab also has close personal ties with China. His son Olivier Schwab is married to a Chinese woman and has headed the WEF office in Beijing since 2011. The West can learn just as much from China today as China does from the West, Schwab Junior enthused about the trade newspaper (28). Schwab Senior told the Chinese news magazine “New China TV” that China is on the right track technologically, and that the widespread acceptance and “absorption” of these new technologies, such as drone technology, also in the West, are decisive (29).

Schwab also advocates a move away from neoliberalism towards a kind of communist supernanny state in a green cloak as bait for good citizens. (30) Every citizen is transparent and unfree, but is well supported by the state through digital diversion, in exchange for data, the oil of the future.

Klaus Schwab’s dream is to set up a biometric, technocratic surveillance state based on the Chinese model. He is the author of several books and co-author of “Covid 19 – The Great Reset” / “The Great Reset” (31). In it, he describes the corona crisis as an unprecedented opportunity to completely restructure the world economy and all aspects of social coexistence. For the transhumanist Schwab, artificial intelligence represents the next evolutionary stage of consciousness; he regards the vulgar human with all his weaknesses and passions as a kind of “obsolete model” of evolution. In the transhumanist bible “I, Cyborg” the transhumanism visionary Kevin Warwock puts it this way:“Just as we humans have separated from our chimpanzee cousins, cyborgs will also separate from humans. Those that remain human are likely to become a subspecies. They will be the chimpanzees of the future ”(32).

Interestingly, Schwab knows very well that Corona is one of the mildest pandemics in the last 2,000 years (33) – made possible anyway only by changing the WHO pandemic definition in 2009. Nonetheless, he sees it as a welcome catalyst towards a fully digital one Transformation of society in his image, which in his eyes is long overdue. What was missing so far was a global shock event, freely based on Naomi Klein’s “shock doctrine” (34). Schwab can hardly hide his enthusiasm for this “unique opportunity”:

“It is our defining moment” “Many things will change forever”. “A new world will arise”. “The social upheaval triggered by COVID-19 will take years and possibly generations.” “Many of us are wondering when things will go back to normal. The short answer is: never. “(35)

Quotes from: Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret: COVID-19 – The Great Reset

Schwab explains:

“In one form or another, social and physical distancing measures are likely to remain in place after the pandemic itself subsides, which justifies the decision of many companies in different industries to accelerate automation. (…) In fact, automation technologies are particularly well suited to a world in which people cannot get too close to one another or are willing to reduce their interactions. Our possibly lingering fear of becoming infected with a virus (COVID-19 or another) will therefore hasten the relentless march of automation, especially in the areas most vulnerable to automation. “(36)

Klaus Schwab, a true Dr. Postmodern Mabuse, who likes to pose in a Darth Vader costume, fantasizes about the upcoming age of artificial intelligence: the merging of man and machine, designer babies, designer organisms, geoengineering, digital homeschooling, smart homes and cities in which every thing is on an omniscient super AI is connected – a completely safe world thanks to total surveillance. For Schwab, who says sentences like: “A world full of drones offers a world full of possibilities” (37), people represent a faceless administrative mass. He speaks of the “system management of human existence , made possible by ‘built-in’ smartphones’ or ‘smart tattoos’, which can transmit sensor data from the human body to the’ Internet of Things’ (IoT) or generate artificial impressions (38). Or, why not  Smart Dust’, intelligent dust that, provided with microsensors, can nestle in the human intestine, as Schwab is delighted to report:

What sounds like the megalomaniac feverish dreams of a psychopath is the real vision of one of the most powerful players in the world economy, the so-called “4th Industrial Revolution ”(4IR). The partners in this project include big banks, Big Pharma, the vaccination alliance GAVI, insurance companies, oil companies, consulting companies like McKinsey, digital companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix – and last but not least, the Chinese technology giant Huawei (40).

Klaus Schwab, born in 1938, dreams of a “new normal” based on the Chinese model – a totalitarian “system management of human existence”. Unfortunately, he does not dream this dream alone.

Xi’s China Club in Germany: Old Friends

For the Chinese Communist Party, Germany is one of the most important strategic partners in the euro zone. With 120 people, no other country in the world sends as many ambassadors to Germany as China, and there are hundreds of other bilateral contact points at the federal level. China finances 19 Confucius Institutes in Germany, which are supposed to officially promote the Chinese language and culture, but unofficially also have a targeted influence on university discourses. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party has maintained a close-knit network of lobbyists in Germany for decades. The former SPD Foreign Minister Rudolf Scharping, known by the Chinese as “lao pengyou / old friend”, is very popular. When there was a lack of masks in the Corona crisis in Saarland, Scharping was able to get a 600 in no time. Thread a 000-mask deal with his Chinese friends. In October 2019, he invited SPD State Minister Niels Annen from the Foreign Office, Finance State Secretary Jörg Kukies, ex-Foreign Minister Sigmal Gabriel and a delegation of high-ranking Chinese state officials to a secret meeting at the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel (41). Once a year Scharping organizes his little would-be Davos, the “German-Chinese Economic Conference” (42). As a now-deleted, notable article in Capital magazine commented: Once a year Scharping organizes his little would-be Davos, the “German-Chinese Economic Conference” (42). As a now-deleted, notable article in Capital magazine commented: Once a year Scharping organizes his little would-be Davos, the “German-Chinese Economic Conference” (42). As a now-deleted, notable article in Capital magazine commented:“ Scharping’s lobbying is only a small part of China’s great endeavor to expand political influence in Germany. Since the conflict with the United States came to a head, Germany has been a key country in attracting Europeans to China’s side. “The Chinese leadership is mobilizing its entire network in Germany to a degree that we have never seen before,” one hears concerned security circles in Berlin. “(43)

China lobbyists in the “COVID-19 Task Force”:
Otto Kölbl, Dr. Maximilian Mayer and the BMI’s panic paper

From March 22, 2020, an internal strategy paper of the Federal Ministry of the Interior with the title: “How we can get COVID-19 under control” (44) circulated in parliamentary offices and the media. The document was available to Chancellor Merkel, Minister of Health Jens Spahn, Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, various members of the Bundestag, all major media houses such as Tagesschau, NWR, WDR, Spiegel, Süddeutsche and Taz, which are highly selective and with a remarkably weak performance Source criticism from it reported (45). After the Federal Ministry of the Interior refused to release the paper to the public in accordance with the Freedom of the Press or Freedom of Information Act, it was leaked by FragdenStaat on April 1, 2020 (46). Arne Semsrott from FragdenStaat commented on the approach of the other media houses as follows:

“While focused on instructions on how to do more testing, Der Spiegel first described the worst-case scenario from the paper, according to which there would be over a million deaths. The Taz also mentioned proposals to change the communication strategy. “(47)

The 17-page document is the result of an eight-member “COVID-19 Taskforce” commissioned by Horst Seehofer on March 18 and thrown together by his State Secretary Markus Kerber in a hurried manner under completely non-transparent conditions on March 19 (48). The authors probably received a “call” from the Ministry of the Interior. Both Mr. Seehofer and Mr. Kerber, both no longer very young, had survived severe (other) viral illnesses themselves in the past, including myocarditis and hospitalization. As Kerber reported to ZeitOnline, they both take the virus issue very seriously (49). What epidemiological skills the authors of the paper selected by Kerber brought with them to this gigantic health policy task, cannot be clearly identified based on the academic background. Judging by the composition of the experts, it is by no means our health, but the economy that should be saved: there are no epidemiologists or state virologists, but five economists, a sociologist, a political scientist and linguist: the latter are both experts on China (50).

The document, soon to be referred to as the “panic paper”, made waves.

It states that the relatively low death rate from COVID-19 alone would not be enough to permanently swear the population to drastic measures – in order to achieve the “desired shock effect”, a targeted activation of the primal fear of dying, in particular of suffocation :

“1) Many seriously ill people are hospitalized by their loved ones, but turned away, and die in agony at home gasping for breath. Choking or not getting enough air is a primal fear for everyone. The same applies to the situation in which there is nothing you can do to help loved ones who are in mortal danger. The images from Italy are disturbing.

2) Children are unlikely to suffer from the epidemic ”: Wrong. Children will be infected easily, even with exit restrictions, for example with the neighbors’ children. When they infect their parents and one of them dies in agony at home and they feel they are to blame for forgetting to wash their hands after playing, for example, it is the most terrible thing a child will ever experience can. “(51)

The author of those lines has his own Twitter account and publicly acknowledged them there (52).

His name is Otto Kölbl, or, depending on the phonetics, also Kolbl, an inconspicuous Germanist from Lausanne who has so far not published anything worth mentioning. According to his own statements, he has been researching the “socio-economic development in China and compared with other developing countries as well as their representation in the western media” since 2007. From 2005 to 2006 he was a language teacher at Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, China (53). He now lives in Switzerland again and runs his own blog called “” in which he describes Hong Kong as “parasitic” (54) and praises China’s exemplary development of Tibet (55). Kölbl can be described as a China propagandist; he may not be financially rewarded for this, but clearly represents China’s perspective on the world,

China on the pulse: episode from Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In this exciting discussion, Georg Zanger and Otto Kölbl, moderated by Bernadette Watzinger …

He also takes a problematic stance on evidence-based medicine and science. In a one-hour YouTube interview that was deleted immediately at the time this article was published, he denied the competence of science in the Corona crisis:

“With this COVID-19 crisis in mind, to make the right decisions one has to start by not listening to the science.” (56)

Instead, I prefer to learn from China and Asia in general, according to Kolbl’s narrative on Twitter, for months.

In addition to Otto Kolbl, Dr. Maximilian Mayer, another China expert, co-author of the panic paper. His expertise in China is undeniable, his list of publications is long. He taught at the University of Nottingham in China and has returned to the Bonn University of Applied Sciences as a junior professor for international relations and global technology policy since Corona (57). The only question is what suddenly turns the political scientist with a focus on China into an expert on an “epidemic situation of national importance”. Two days before he worked on panic paper, on March 17th, 2020, he said in a Phoenix interview :

“Closing the lockdown and the borders is not enough to contain the epidemic. (…) One can already say that a kind of new global pandemic order is emerging, and China is clearly leading in this order. (…) ) In Germany one should turn away from the approach of the contamination very quickly and rely on containment. (…) From my point of view, the most important thing one would have to do now would be to massively expand the testing. And that’s not enough. A compact system is needed, that is what we can learn from Asia, what connects testing with looking for contact and isolating all infected people. This quarantine that we then have to introduce will save lives. That’s a kind of civic duty. ”(58).

Whether the Phoenix appearance got him the job in the task force or his previous consulting work for the BMI?

Otto Kölbl and Dr. Maximilian Mayer, the two China experts, already knew each other before the task force. On March 4th, shortly before the lockdown in Germany, they published a joint paper with the title: “Learning from Wuhan – there is no alternative to the containment of COVID-19” / “Learning from Wuhan – there is no alternative to one Containing COVID-19 “ (59). They outlined horror scenarios in it, should no rigorous contact tracing and isolation of “infected” take place. “Failing is not an option.” , Otherwise there would be millions of deaths. “Who or what actually motivates a linguist and a political scientist to dare to make such daring, unrelated forecasts?

A question that arises in view of such BMI personnel decisions is: Do China lobbyists have special skills in combating “Chinese” pandemics? In the midst of an “epidemic of national scope”, State Secretary Markus Kerber deliberately placed experts on the Chinese health system in the BMI, where they were allowed to help shape our domestic policy without any epidemiological expertise and without any democratic mandate. It remains to be feared that they were used to “learn from Asia” , as Maximilian Mayer recommends in his Phoenix interview (60).

A reference to the theoretical basis of the panic paper is provided by a best case scenario named “Hammer and Dance” – what is meant is a short lockdown and then surveillance. The authors of the strategy paper do not cite any scientific source for this concept – as Michael Senger pointed out, however, only the article of the same name “Hammer and Dance”of the manager and hobby statistician Tomas Pueyo, who went viral in the English-speaking world on March 19, 2020, just in the ad hoc period of the BMI paper (March 19-22) (61). Time was of the essence – a fresh publication from English-speaking countries for modeling possible “scenarios” was certainly very useful. The problem with this is: Pueyo is not a virologist, let alone a scientist. Michael Senger was able to prove using a Google trend analysis that the pair of terms “hammer and dance” has no previous history in the fight against pandemics and that Pueyo created it “out of thin air”, almost out of nothing (62).

Furthermore, Pueyo claimed in his article that a lockdown of a few weeks was the only thing that could effectively help prevent millions of deaths. As SZ journalist Christian Endt criticized, this was based on a misrepresentation of the Ferguson study by the Imperial College of London, which assumed “several months of severe restrictions” for a lockdown to be effective at all (63). The overall effectiveness of lockdowns claimed by the Ferguson study has since been refuted by John Ioannidis, the world’s most cited scientist, epidemiologist, and statistician (64). During a visit by Xi Jinping in 2015, the Imperial College of London described itself as “China’s best academic partner in the world” (65) – and can therefore without a doubt be regarded as a branch of the CCP.

To this day, the non-evidence-based, CCP-inspired claims of the panic paper – including symptomless transmission, lockdown, social distancing and “children as drivers of the pandemic” – represent the mainstream opinion propagated in the media. The paper closes with the words:

“Only with social cohesion and a mutual distance from one another can this crisis not only be overcome with little damage, but also be future-oriented for a new relationship between society and the state.”


Elsewhere there is the paperless added thesis:

“In order to make testing faster and more efficient, the use of big data and location tracking is essential in the long term .” (66).

The terms are highlighted in bold – collect bees from client and monitoring fan Horst Seehofer?

What is noticeable in the entanglement of interests of all players around COVID-19 is a reliance on the concept of “biosecurity”.

Since 2003, a new paradigm called “biosecurity”, the amalgamation of medicine, artificial intelligence and military, has been promoted worldwide in order to ward off an allegedly growing global threat from pandemics or biological weapons (67). The Chinese term for “biosecurity” is Fangkong (Chin. = Cleanliness, security) – an ideology with which Xi Jinping both the internal Chinese surveillance totalitarianism, the suppression of the Hong Kong democracy movement and the “cleansing” of the Uyghurs from “contamination by terrorist ideas “Justified in re-education camps (68).

A militarization and fascization of the health sector could already be observed in us long before Corona: During the H1N1 swine flu false alarm in 2009, Bundeswehr General Hans-Ulrich Holtherm was called up to the BMG.

What a coincidence: Just in time for Corona, on February 17th, 2020, the same general was appointed again by Minister of Health Jens Spahn as head of the BMG department “Health Protection” (69). The implementation of biosecurity in Germany has been in full swing since Corona and General Holtherm: the deployment of Bundeswehr soldiers in the health departments (70), the planned administration of the corona vaccine at 60 militarily secured, previously secret “locations” (71), the Corona Tracking app, forced tests and quarantine or mask scanners at hospital entrances (72). The threat of “segregation” of children from their families in quarantine centers on the instructions of the health authorities represents a sad climax of this worrying development (73).

In the Corona crisis, many are wondering why the countries of the world are acting so synchronously, as if they were already under the leadership of an invisible Corona world government. During the inexorable rise of China and the decline of the USA, new transnational power cartels have long since emerged from the dying empire: big data, big pharma and big money. Remarkably, during the Corona crisis, they are in a historically unique convergence of interests with China; “Stay Home!”, Social distancing, the cannibalization of the middle class, the “reset” of the crashing world economic system and the associated, historically unprecedented shift of capital from bottom to top benefit all of them. The imperial aspirations of China and western corporate globalists are currently in no contradiction to one another, as long as everyone gets their share of the cake. China is promoting lockdowns worldwide in order to weaken its opponents economically and to export its own cultural model. The transhumanists and globalists around the WEF are planning the complete restructuring of the world economy from neoliberal, resource-intensive turbo-capitalism to a planned economy-digital surveillance state for their benefit under the framing “Great Reset”. As an inconspicuous transitional instrument they use the WHO with the China lobbyist Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who sells China’s lockdown propaganda as scientifically proven knowledge. This previously unprecedented convergence of interests leads to the absurd stability of a “New Normal”, which already in its initial appearance clearly shows totalitarian-fascist traits. In the process, all countries seem to become more and more similar to China.

China has overtaken Germany as export world champion since 2009 (74); in the ranking of the largest economy in terms of GDP per capita, they are only 25% behind the USA (75), and in terms of absolute turnover they have long been ahead. Xi Jinping, who admires Mao’s system but found it “too chaotic” – makes no secret of pursuing claims to world domination (76). What China has so far lacked is cultural hegemony. They would have had a hard time with a Chinese Hollywood – with the export of their hygiene and surveillance regime they currently have good chances.

People like Klaus Schwab or Xi Jinping want us to believe that the transition to a technocratic surveillance dystopia à la China is inevitable, like a law of nature. This is not the case. Technology is only as good or bad as the people who develop and use it. Artificial intelligence has the potential for a great blessing and an incredible curse. As very powerful men try to convince us that there is no alternative to their joyless, totalitarian world designs – in the end they are only old men with a pronounced need for grandiosity (77) – and a fascist ideology with them. Let’s not give them a chance.