Have you noticed.

Have you noticed how they  isolate a community for special treatment? Melbourne, Liverpool, Manitoba province. etc ,etc. Brutalise the folks, special uniform cops punching folks, arresting pensioners etc. The famous,  first they came for the  Catholics, etc by  Reverend  Niemoller, applies here. If they came for us all at the same time, we would be a very real and serious threat to them . If we rebelled Nationwide, or worldwide, they would be at a loss, because all their mainline thug cops  are few in number, and they have not got sufficient manpower to do the job nation, or nations  wide. 

         They first lock us down, then target a small group, this is their MO.  We must rise as lions after slumber, as Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem suggested  after the Peterloo Massacre, and drive them back into the dark and dingy regions that they normally inhabit. We must form networks and demonstrate simultaneously nationwide.  This is our country, wherever it may be world wide. We the people are the real owners of our lands, and we are being and have been robbed of our rights, our birthright, our property, our future, by a gang of inbred banking families, who feel entitled to own our world. We need  unification  and a determined effort to awake the sheeple, the masses, who, don’t forget, are our friends, and our family. Our whole reason for living hinges on our ability to change the course from here on.