FOX has gone full Drudge and moved completely over to the dark side

The Dominion fraud company has turned to vapor

They did not show up in court and are rapidly vanishing from existence, with no one’s name tied to anything. No actual people to prosecute. Biden can now say he’s innocent and that foreign actors rigged the election without him knowing it. No one will remain to be prosecuted. All real easy to do with a shell company that fronted nothing but fraud.

Now watch the MSM go 100 percent and call “Dominion” a conspiracy theory that never existed. JUST WATCH.


Somewhat surprisingly, Tucker Carlson outed himself as a deep state troll

Carlson was nothing but ridicule over the amazing press conference below, demanding evidence and stating it was not credible without it. Sidney Powel rebuffed it well, saying (basically) that Tucker himself had the means to uncover the evidence and then report it, and that she was not going to spoil her court case by giving out what they had. After all, if Tucker was legitimate and FOX was legitimate, they’d be reporting it, and they are not. They would have done their own investigations, and they did not. So they have no grounds whatsoever to call the charges “unsupported”.

As expected, Fox had a gran mal over the press conference the same way the rest of the MSM did, and the exodus from those platforms needs to be complete – clearly, obviously, America will go nowhere but down a whirlpool with them. I am stunned by the extent to which Tucker came out of the closet when he really had to – he’s a bona fide POS just like the rest of them – a hoax actor “fighting for the truth”, waiting in reserve to dash it’s last credibility into the great white hope of corruption. Hopefully hope he did not drag too many viewers into it. I suspect not, they are waking up and the numbers at Fox prove it.

I am OUTRAGED by Tucker’s reaction to that press conference. He should have been THRILLED if he was really “one of us”, but no, he just melted into the cesspool with the rest of them. Telling Powell and Rudy they had nothing. That ought to finish FOX for good.

A great social media comment: “FOX has gone full Drudge and moved completely over to the dark side. As if the MSM needed another clown show.”

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