Farage rebadging Brexit Party as Anti-Lockdown Party. Tories sing on with Hands, Face, No Boompsadaisy.

MPs will vote on the new lockdown on Wednesday and there is a growing prospect that a rebellion led by the libertarian-leaning wing of the party will exceed the 40-rebel mark, which would leave the PM reliant on Labour to pass the motion.

Defeat is not a threat. Labour backs the new measures and remains unlikely to side with the Tory rebels on such matters, but it’s hardly sustainable for Johnson to rely on the Opposition. Indeed, with some MPs warning that there could be as many as 80 rebels, it’s a sign of how badly Downing Street is losing control of the parliamentary party.

Johnson will also be met this morning by the unwelcome news that Nigel Farage is attempting to rebadge the Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown one.

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