Fact of Life: criminals infiltrate governments. Solution: a new grass roots movement


by Watchdog

How to end the mismanaged mess we have gotten ourselves into.

I want to communicate the following very briefly and in a nutshell. I could probably elaborate in great detail but I hope the bare bones will suffice:

Government attracts criminals the way a bright lamp attracts moths. It attracts criminals because of the opportunities it presents to acquire unearned wealth and power.

It also attracts men who seek to serve their fellows but over time the infiltration of governments by – often highly organised and cunningly masked – criminal groups can overwhelm and push out people of good will.

When government becomes thoroughly infiltrated by criminal groups or their proxies and men of good will outnumbered and overwhelmed, the People wind up being governed by crime syndicates albeit those crime syndicates are often dressed up as “respectable corporations” and so forth.

Governments in effect become, to the degree this is allowed to happen, criminal organisations.

And we. the People, find ourselves continually faced by govrrtnments who have taken on the aspect of an enemy – and tryi g to deal with it AFER it has become a fact.

Recent events in many countries, too simultaneous and too similar to be mere “coincidence”, have brought to light that

  • The above mentioned infiltration of government has occurred and is complete. It may have been complete for quite some time but it is only now that we are perceiving the actuality of it.
  • As a consequence, we do not actually HAVE governments that work sincerely for all the people, their efforts to appear so notwithstanding.
  • We have the trappings, rituals, semblance and veneer of a democracy but not an actual functioning democracy.

This has suddenly become very very clear to a large and growing number of people.

We CANNOT therefore leave it to our political elite, MPs or elected (fraudulently or otherwise) governments to “solve our problems for us”, do right by us or work in our best interests. It is, self evidently, extremely dangerous for us to continue to do so.<

By observation, our political “representatives” work for their pals, benefactors, blackmailers or whatever the hell they are. They do not work for us.

It has been our error, borne perhaps of laziness, to sit back and expect them to do so. That error has brought us to our current situation in which democratic elections are fraudulent, governments lie and and misrepresent almost carelessly so little do they now fear consequences and parliaments provide no oversight or correction worth a nickel.

If we continue to wait for political figures or charismatic leaders to ride out of the sunrise on white chargers and put things right for us, we will still be waiting when our civilisation becomes a mismanaged wasteland.

But forewarned is forearmed and preventuon is better than cure. Why not shut the door on this infiltration?

We need to kick out that old habit for its has gotten us into the current danger.

We need to rethink and reboot.

We need to get back to basics and build.

We, The People, as The People, need to take matters into our own hands and take responsibility for and control of the processes and direction of governance. Nobody is going to do it for us.

Governance can either be imposed on us or spring from us.

It is time it sprang from us

We need to form a self-governing grass roots movement comprising millions or even billions of people of good will that depends upon itself and on its members and not on authoritarian leaders.

Such a movement needs to be a grass roots of movement of The People, formed around a set of basic common-sense principles upon which all its individual members members and affiliated groups are agreed.

These principles do not have to be rocket science or some sort of abstruse wisdom only some elite can understand. To hell with that!

They need to be based on our common sense and experience of what works for us as human beings concerned with the business of survival and the creation of the abundance that guarantees that survival. They need to be easily understood and agreed to be desirable and worthy of effort by The People.

Once those simple basic principles are broadly agreed to be desirable they can be clearly and concisely formulated into a code of conduct that we The People can then insist is adhered to by those who perform the administration of governance on our behalf

The way to ensure a government behaves and works in the interests of all the people in perpetuity is to insist that that it does and MAKE IT DO SO if necessary.

There are honest men in government who will do the right thing by us as a matter of course. Not many at present but their numbers can be expanded. But there are those who require a firmer hand to guarantee their decent and ethical conduct. And there are those who need to be removed if they will not behave themselves.

It is for we The People to supply that firm hand through the united voice of a strong, motivated grass roots movement implacably intolerant of unethical conduct.

Without that firm hand of The People, guided by ethical and workable principles, we leave the door open to the continued infiltration of government by criminals.

That door must now be slammed shut. Permanently.

Fact of Life: criminals infiltrate governments. Solution: a new grass roots movement

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